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Thread: what if....

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    You ARE all about the deceit and scandal aren't you? You naughty, naughty girl.
    Come on now! You were right there alongside me when we went thru the "PHo's School of Hardknock Deceit & Scandal"!! Don't be acting all innocent funnygirl! :nono
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    You could only fool the contestants once too--unless multiple editions were filmed before the WB started promoting this.

    I actually had a weird theory too. That the WB maybe siphoned off all of the good people who "lost" and held a parallel competition before this aired. Then, at the end, we learn that the auditions were MONTHS before the Hollywood portion and the eventual "winner" is actually the winner of this parallel competition--which was held in the intervening months. This "winner", when he or she "won" the contest for the talented people, was asked to tape a faux-bad audition with the judges and then put through the "bad singers" competition as a trojan horse. Thus the joke is on us.

    To me it seemed more reasonable than ALL of the bad singers being actors and faking it. Only one is required.
    I like that idea, but I still think that they would have a bad singer win. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they did that, then had that person be SECOND instead of first, so that the horrible singer would still have his/her surprise, and the audience would be surprised that there was another competition and that second place was actually a phenomenal singer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets
    the whole show turns out to be a hoax against all the viewers... and the winner is actually a really good singer!

    like, all these people are actually actors, etc... because I mean, seriously, how can these people not know they suck

    I can tell you!


    They're NOT actors.

    My fiance Mario really wants to become one. Still....

    I'm so sorry for him....

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