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Thread: The WB's Superstar USA Recap- 05/17/04

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    Excellent recap, Stargazer! I've been looking forward to reading more of your stuff since the untimely demise of Playing It Straight. Again, I'm not watching this show, but I'll keep up via your recaps.

    I really enjoyed the whole selling your TV's soul bit at the beginning and the end. I never knew my television had a soul so this has been rather educational, just for that. Here are a couple of my other favorite quotes:

    Robert’s heart must be full of many cats and many rocking chairs based on the wailing that escapes his lips. ( My favorite line. )
    hit notes no one else can hit. He has me there. ()
    We actually saw a lot of Kelly, who apparently wanted to leave no questions as to her gender. ( Maybe I should bite the bullet and watch this show, after all. )
    In a performance that was a mix between a Robin Williams standup routine and a high school production of “Oklahoma”, ( I hope he was as funny as this description makes him appear in my head!)
    Again, excellent job. Looking forward to reading about the rest of the season, assuming you don't kill off the show altogether by recapping it.
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    Robert is going all the way, he's my favorite by far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    The Show That Proves We'll Watch Anything

    If you will recall, your William Hung loving-self

    Just think, you will never have to pretend you enjoy watching the History Channel again.

    During his rendition of, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love,” the judges sit bobbing along to whatever beat they can find.

    (I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to type “notes”). Robert nods along in agreement and confidently chats with the host afterward about his ability to hit notes no one else can hit. He has me there.

    However, I was so distracted by the chunk of hair that kept curling up and getting into her mouth that it’s hard to say for sure.

    Well, because Ross could have easily played one of Pat’s “companions” in a Saturday Night Live skit.

    A Minute for Minneapolis

    In a performance that was a mix between a Robin Williams standup routine and a high school production of “Oklahoma”, John Michael gesticulated wildly as he belted out “War” to the delight of the judges and Minneapolis winds down without much further action.
    Fantastic job Star!! Awesome, awesome recap!! You handled this with perfect observations and wit. I loved it!!
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    Glad you're the recapper stargazer!!
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