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Thread: Abysmal Rating For The Premiere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    I saw a TON of ads for this show, but thinking about it, I guess it was all online. Even my AOL Instant Messenger is telling me about it.
    It's probably easier for the WB to advertise online rather than other networks because that probably costs a lot more, if they'll even air it. Sometimes you see ads for other shows on other networks but that's usually only in cases where a Canadian network is airing a FOX show, etc. or in special cases where a show is good enough to get promoted on another network or at least the network owners got paid a lot. So maybe that's why it seemed there were more ads for it online.

    Although I bet the WB really pumped it out on it's network throughout America and Canada. I don't watch the WB though so yeah I also heard about it online.

    I agree that the show MAY catch on with word of mouth because I've told a few people already who watched tonight's episode and enjoyed it. But other than that, I haven't heard or read anyone talking about it besides here.

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    why is it WB has seemed to cancel alot of their reality shows?
    pop stars and popstars 2 got cancel like right when they moved into these rich homes.

    and they seemed to record in the same way. i am sorry that i mentioned this but i noticed it.

    and it also looks like each network specializes in specific shows.
    NBC may be in the lead for Friends,Will and Grace, Saturday night live, Fear factor, some good soap opera.

    Wb will just need to kick it up a notch

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnymonkey
    I'm new here and just going to mention a couple things you all might find interesting. I know for a fact that at least ONE of the final 12 on The WB's Superstar USA is an actor. This person is a friend of mine. Besides that, what you see is not necessarily what happened. For example, most of the "witty comebacks" the judges are coming up with seemingly spontaneously are actually scripted and filmed later and edited in. If you watch carefully you can tell. Notice you never see the contestants in the frame with the judges when they're saying witty things? Something to take note of next time you watch. Also, those "original" auditions, are actually the second day callbacks and the contestants were told what to sing for them. If you have a chance, read the disclaimer at the end of the show. It's pretty revealing. Reality?

    OK, you are right about the contestants and the judges never in the same frame. (I watched real close last night).

    I forgot to read the disclaimer at the end.

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