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Thread: 5/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Oh drat, I missed this because of CSI... I was just reading through the discussion comments you guys posted (especially the judges comments). I'll have to catch it on MuchMusic on Sunday!

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    Funniest. Show. Ever.

    I was cracking UP tonight. This was a great show! Best quote of the night:

    "...then you smoked a cigarette and cuddled it."

    BWA HA HA!!!!

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    Reading your thoughts
    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    So, are the contestants not allowed to hear each other sing till the very end??
    The way I understood it, they do a duet with the final two and see if they realize there is something wrong with the picture.

    I guess they both realize that the competition can't sing.

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    OMG, when I saw Ross I was like Oh my goodness, he's like a real life Hello Kitty!! He's like William Hung Prt II.

    "Congrats Rose." "It's Ross. I'm not a girl, sorry."

    But Ross had a cute voice though. I can see him as a cartoon character or doing children's CDs

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    So when is it on again? I didn't see it.. it just looks fun to me..
    Big Brother 16: The Alliance - Come See the Fun in the Big Brother Forum!

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    I loved the guy in blue singing the country song.
    This show is hilarious, but those poor people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahim
    So when is it on again? I didn't see it.. it just looks fun to me..
    Jahim, the second episode is on tomorrow, and if you get Much Music it'll air Sunday 9-10, 10-11pm. Hope that helps

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    I feel very dirrrrty for loving this show. Vitamin C and the Simon-wannabe is great. The Canadian comment and the "I'm staring at your boobs" were hilarious, and when VC said that the nude girl was too gimmicky. God, I love this show, even though I'm probably going to hell.

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    THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE!!!! my friends think I'm crazy for watching this...but it's just so FUNNY!!!!!!! the testicle comment was good!

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    please tell me that i am not the only one who thinks this. But the announcer sounds like the same exact one from American Idol. I am not talking about the host.
    I think i am going to love that gay guy. He seems like he is going to win.
    But i think they gave us a huge spoiler of who is going to make it to finals.
    How many episodes are there suppose to be?
    This is so funny. I can't wait until they hit the stage

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