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Thread: Cruel or Funny?

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Cruel or Funny?

    What do you think? Is it cruel to these contestants to put them through this for our enjoyment, or is it okay to laugh at them because they signed on to be critiqued on television?

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    Scrappy Spartan Broadway's Avatar
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    On the one hand I think it's going to be hysterical to see people duped into thinking that they're a fabulous singer (visions of William Hung jumping up and down with glee haunt me).. but on the other.. I'm hoping the public doesn't turn this into another John Stevens death threat opportunity.

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    I personality cannot wait for this show, and think it could be one of the best reality shows ever.

    It is like the Jamie Kennedy Experiment x100.

    I went with Funny.

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    FORT Fogey Tigerusty's Avatar
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    I believe it's probably more cruel to the good singers that are duped into auditioning and then are told they aren't good enough. As for the bad singers Nah, just funny. After all they'll still get the fame they came there for.
    "So, what is fame? It's lightening that strikes some people. It's lightening that some people seek." Jewel

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    I have to admit I find the premise funny, but I'm not an AI fan. It is cruel, no question about it. I'll have to watch to see if cruel outweighs funny. After all, MBFOF seemed cruel but turned out to be hilarious.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Fool... but no pity. Krom's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    What do you think? Is it cruel to these contestants to put them through this for our enjoyment,
    or is it okay to laugh at them because they signed on to be critiqued on television?
    Also yes.

    These options don't have to be exclusive. It's cruel, but even if these people don't know they aren't on an "Idol" clone, they DO know that even on "Idol" people are mocked, even if in a different manner. Maybe they aren't getting what they signed up for (or waht they THOUGHT they signed up for--I'll bet those consent documents are confusing as hell), but at the very least potential humiliation has to be part of the possible package with any of these shows. Being lied to is only another layer of that humiliation.

    Since it's going to air whether or not we chose to laugh at these people, perhaps the real question is "was it right to do this show in the first place?"

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    I think it's cruel, personally. I mean, these contestants actually BELIEVE that they're good singers, right? And then to find out that they're not good singers and were duped into thinking they were, while a lot of America and wherever else this show will air was laughing at them the entire time.

    I don't like how a lot of the AMERICAN IDOL contestants are treated so I'm not sure why I'm looking forward to this show, but I am for some strange reason. I think the premise of the show is cruel but I bet it's going to be hilarious for us to watch and I hope that none of the contestants are embarassed to the point of not leaving their bedroom for weeks (ala Keith from AI) and have no hard feelings from the show.

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    I think it's going to be hillarious for the same reason people watch the American Idol "talentless" auditions with the difference being, these contestants will be well compensated.

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    A Tool and a Douchebag Bo3b's Avatar
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    Funny all the way.

    As I said in another thread, I feel sorry for no one on these shows. You try out, you're asking for it...don't they watch TV at all??

    I do agree that it might be a little cruel to the good people, but they're all sitting at home tonight laughing along with the rest of us.

    Go WB! You've got a hit on your hands.

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    FORT Voyeur drrealee's Avatar
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    There is a certain persona that seeks fame and celebrity; if they are delusional enough to believe that the public is in need of "making them a star", then they should be prepared for whatever comes their way in their search for fame and glory.
    No pity here.
    "The Doctor has Spoken; Free of charge!!!"

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