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Thread: Brian McFayden, Host

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    Quote Originally Posted by knockknock
    Nobody has made the connection? Brian is a genius. If you remember, Cupid, Brian's previous host job, was the brainchild of Simon Cowell. It was Cowell's rip off answer to Mike Fleiss' Bachelorette. Fleiss coincindentally is the producer of Superstar, the spoof of American Idol. I think it is hilarious that McFayden now is overtly slamming on Cowell with Superstar. He does it with wry wit and humor and is the absolutely cooler Seacrest.
    It's pretty clear that McFayden is trying to spoof Ryan Seacrest - the hair, the t-shirts, the "McFayden - gone" tagline at the end of the show - but the spoof seems pretty toothless so far.
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    I don't think he's too bad. He, like the 'judges' are doing their jobs in spoofing their respective AI counterparts. He's supposed to be dorky & smarmy like "Ryan Seacrest Light". He's supposed to have overly styled hair, etc.

    Did you see him tell that happy contestant that he wasn't allowed to hug them anymore?
    Oh yeah - it was funny as were several of his asides to the camera after talking to some of the 'winners'

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    what a ----off he is (rhymes with berk btw) I mean at at ryan seacreast is a looker but this guy is a monster!

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    Interview with Brian in his hometown paper


    Former Nebraskan hosts ruse TV show


    Don't mistake Brian McFayden for Ryan Seacrest.

    Sure, they both have blond highlights and pin-up good looks and host talent-search reality shows.

    But with "American Idol's" Seacrest, what you see is what you get. McFayden is part of a ruse on "The WB's Superstar USA."

    That's because he's in on "Superstar's" inside joke: The contestants were selected not for their skill, but for their lack of it. They are competing unknowingly for the title of America's worst singer.

    "It's a little mean," said McFayden, a Ralston High School graduate. "But in the long run, they walk away with $100,000, a recording deal and super-stardom."

    The opportunity to work with producer Mike Fleiss, the man behind ABC's "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," drew McFayden to the new show.

    Brian McFayden, a Ralston High graduate, last summer hosted "Cupid," a reality dating show.

    "It sounded just like another talent-search competition, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it," McFayden said from Los Angeles. "Then they told me the gist of the whole thing, and I'm like, 'I'm in.'"

    To find America's worst singers, McFayden and three judges - rapper Tone Loc, pop singer Vitamin C and TV-film producer Chris Briggs - went to Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, Fla., and Philadelphia.

    Judges told the talented contestants they were terrible and sent them packing. They praised the tone-deaf participants (the kind that "American Idol" highlights in its pre-contest episodes) and encouraged their vocal pursuits.

    Twelve talentless musicians were selected and flown to Los Angeles to tape the show.

    McFayden's job was to give out "hugs and fist-bumps like Santa Claus on Christmas" and make sure no one fell apart when the secret was revealed.

    On the final day of taping, telling the contestants the show's true premise fell to him. It wasn't a job he enjoyed much, he said.

    "These kids got to be like my little brother or sister," McFayden said. "I almost felt nauseous when I had to go out and tell them the truth."

    McFayden's foray into broadcast began after high school graduation when he enrolled in a broadcasting program at Brown Institute in Minneapolis. He interned with radio personality Cane, who became a mentor.

    McFayden returned to Nebraska, where he took classes at the University of Nebraska at Omaha while waiting tables.

    He returned to Minneapolis in 1996 to work for Cane. When Cane was offered a job in New York, McFayden went along. Soon after, MTV offered him a job.

    There, McFayden anchored news segments on "Total Request Live," hosted specials and interviewed celebrities, among other things.

    He moved to Los Angeles after getting a job as host of "Cupid," a reality dating show that aired last summer on CBS.

    Now that filming on "Superstar" is done, he is working on developing his own show. He hopes to know by summer's end whether it's a go.

    He also is working on a syndicated radio show, a mixture of talk radio and music, that is slated for fall. He may return for another round of "Superstar" if the WB gives it a second season.

    He said he is lucky to have such a successful career. He jokes that he hopes "Superstar" doesn't create bad karma for him.

    "I believe I'm going to get mine at some point," he said. "I hope it's later in life."

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    the thing that bothers me about this guy (and I noticed this on Cupid as well) is that he never looks into the camera... he looks slightly above the camera. It's like he isn't talking to you, the viewer.
    He's very flat.
    Oh, and he always sounds like he's reading.
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    Make no mistake, Brian wants to be Ryan, really. He looked exactly the same for Cupid. But when he didn't become the hot ticket, his next best thing was to spoof Ryan.
    Guess what Brian, we told you you would be a good host... but we lied! You suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    They broke up about 2 weeks ago
    Ahhh, that's a shame.
    I really like Mandy.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    i thought the
    McFayden gone
    was funny, although i only heard it once.
    he seems to blink more than usual as a host. But i don't like when it comes back from a commercial we don't see him interact with the judges. And they are right there.

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