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Thread: Chris Briggs, Judge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shandilized
    I hate how he's always "you made love to that... you spanked it, blah blah blah blah!!" IT's sooo olld!! And I hate how he's all "your boobs get in the way a bit.." Why doesn't he just use his hand to block them!? Or like not stare?
    Well, I don't think he's being serious about either of those shticks. The fact that he's repeating jokes, or, more accurately, the fact that the editors chose to put in two versions of the same joke -- he probably repeated lots of jokes and they chose the ones that came off best -- is a sign of how played out this portion of the show is.

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    Reality Slums
    I love Briggs he is so funny. I gotta admit though he isn't as funny as he was in the auditons.

    I'll never forget

    "Knock Knock"

    "Who's There"

    "You Suck"

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    Back is Turned

    I love how this week Briggs turned his back to the blonde and said now I see what all the hoo hum is about.

    He is such a classic and I have to say I love how he goes into such detail when talking to them.. You know "you made love to that song, you spanked it, you blah blah it.

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    Ok.. his long winded, going-nowhere, jibberjabber really got annoying. He really lost all of the "comedy" in his responses.
    I honestly was hoping he'd shut up with his blathering and let Vitamin C talk..she was the anchor that kept the show funny.
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    yeah, he talks way too much. I don't think Rosa understands half of the words he uses. And Jamie probably doesn't get half of what he says.

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    His Gaum/Puerto Rico joke went absolutly no where

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