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Thread: Tone Loc, Judge

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    Tone Loc, Judge

    (from VH1.com)


    Tongue-in-cheek Los Angeles artist (b. Anthony Smith - his stage name derived from his Spanish nickname, Antonio Loco), Tone Loc's hoarse raps boast of incredible personal sexual allure, allied to a background of smooth jazz, soul and bluebeat. His

    debut album featured the two worldwide 1990 hits, "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina", both built on sparse rock samples. The songs were written by Marvin Young, aka Young MC, "Wild Thing" going on to become America's second biggest-selling single of all time. It also created one of the strangest moral panic scares of its era, when certain pundits suggested it gave rise to the "Wilding" craze, where young black men prowled the streets in order to rob, rape and kill. This was simple paranoia, and clearly had nothing to do with the career of Smith, whose alarmingly deep, husky vocals always enabled a sense of humour and self-deprecation to permeate through his recordings. Loc'ed After Dark made the US number 1 spot, only the second rap album to do so. "All Through The Night", the first single from his follow-up LP, featured the Brand New Heavies in support. However, its failure to crack the Top 20 indicated a small reversal in his fortunes. He also contributed dialogue to the animated film Bebe's Kids, and starred in Posse

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    "Wild Thing" going on to become America's second biggest-selling single of all time.
    Really? I'm surprised to hear that.

    Both the songs mentioned were pretty decent hits in the UK, then Tone just disappeared for us.
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    I'm wondering ahead of time what "dawg", "yeah" and "aiiight"-like phrases Tone has been assigned to "sound" like Randy Jackson. The point, of course, would be to blather on for 60-90 second bursts, where all anyone can take out of it is that Randy/Tone is talking really loudly.

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    Tone Loc made me laugh!! He is having fun with this, and being a great "judge".
    I can't remember his comments right now, but he and VC had me rolling!

    I'm glad he did the show, he adds FLAVA!
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    Well, I said this in the discussion thread last night, but I think it warrants repeating.

    I kept hearing Tone Loc's voice, and it sounded so familiar, but I couldn't figure out who he sounded like. Then it hit me!

    The lizard that tried to eat Zach in Ferngully.

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    He's the funky cold madina and wild thing guy!?!? Wow, I knew he sounded familiar but I just couldnt pinpoint it
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