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Thread: Superstar USA Synopsis

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    Superstar USA Synopsis

    From the creator and executive producer of The WB's High School Reunion, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette comes The WB's Superstar USA, an off-key version of the red-hot performance reality genre.

    While some shows go out of their way to find the next truly talented singer in America, The WB's Superstar USA is a send-up of the genre, in which hopefuls have all the determination and drive to make it as a singing sensation, even if they lack the voice. All the unsuspecting participants have a shot at fame and fortune, but not for the reasons they initially think.

    Auditions for The WB's Superstar USA were held in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Philadelphia. In an elaborate practical joke, the best singers were told that they weren't right for the show, while those who had more guts than pipes were encouraged by the show's music experts - rap music pioneer Tone-Loc, platinum recording artist Vitamin C, and television producer Chris Briggs. The seven-episode series, hosted by former MTV veejay Brian McFayden, follows 12 uniquely gifted contenders as they're whisked away to Hollywood, where they receive superstar treatment -- complete with a makeover, dance sessions with a top choreographer, and singing lessons with a respected voice coach.

    The conclusion of the show is played out in front of a live audience, where the last contestant standing will be given the title of "The WB's Superstar USA," along with a talent and recording deal worth $100,000, and the immense fame and potential earning power derived from starring in a network television series.

    Created by executive producer Mike Fleiss, The WB's Superstar USA is co-executive produced by Mike Nichols and Jason Carbone, and produced by Next Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions.

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    Mean, mean!*why am I smiling?*

    The only good thing I can see coming from this is that some of these folks might actually improve or maybe find a hidden talent and gain the motivatin to go after THAT talent instead of this lack of talent.

    All that and a little entertainment for me.
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    Maybe this is the one William Hung should have tried out for.
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    I don't think it's really mean. Unless at the end everyone just laughs and laughs at them and says things like.."You didn't REALLY think you were good, did you?!?!"

    It might even prove to be something of a good/great thing for the winner. Confidence booster, etc...
    Usually it's only the "pretty, good voiced, skinny, handsome" people who get picked. This sounds like it's geared to help the underdog.

    Honestly though..these singing reality shows are starting to bug me, so who knows if I'll even watch.
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    This show is almost too good to be true. It is going to be an instant classic.

    Though I can see it as being looked upon as mean. No one is really protesting the show so it must havn't been that bad or the show wouldnt be airing.

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    I am pretty skeptical about the possiblity of this really being legit. Bad singers know they're bad. All the bad singers that tried out on American Idol were just extremely happy to have gotten the chance, to have been this close to fame etc... etc... Deep down they all know they're bad. When you play around with them, give them an auditioning chance, tease them with the possibility that they be the next superstar, they play along. It's a neat little fantasy and they know it.

    But if you actually tell them they're good and make them go through with it, I would think 99% of bad singers would smell something fishy. Their deep-down denial about their singing talents would rise up to protect them from possible nationwide shame, and they would at least begin to have doubts.

    Given this state of mind, going through with actual shows in front of people, spending time backstage awaiting your turn, chatting with "fans" and crew etc... you'd have to not only be a bad singer but pretty dim not to smell something fishy. A smirk, a whisper behind your back as you walk away. I would think it'd be easy to pick up "ridicule at your expense" when you practically live in it.
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