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Thread: Supernanny 4/4 episode

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    Supernanny 4/4 episode

    First thread I've ever started here. The fact that this is actually still a show not on hiatus has me confused as to why it's in The Graveyard. Someone please explain?

    I thought Jo was working in the USA, but this time she's in Northhampton, England. So far, these kids are probably taking the prize for the worst kids on the show, ever. I'd be locked up for child abuse, probably, if I had to deal with these monsters. Is it against the law to spank your kids in England?

    What on earth do the teachers do with them?

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    The forum is in the graveyard because we're no longer covering it. However, you can still discuss the show by starting a thread in "Other Reality Shows." Discussion is not allowed in archived forums; just news.

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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier Lucy. We've been in the forum called "Other Reality Shows" in a thread called "Supernanny new ep 3/21". Not a very good name, but that's what we've been using for the past few episodes.

    ETA: Correction! It's just been changed to "SuperNanny Discussion Thread." Was that you Manny? :nono
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