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Thread: Who's your bet to win?

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    Who's your bet to win?

    Here's my thoughts:

    I've not been a big Cecile fan; I dont think she's that attractive and her face is closed and unemotional to me. She is poised and more mature than most of the other girls, and I think that's what's gotten her this far. However, The Starlet will be given a part on One Tree Hill, and what do they do about the accent on the show? I dont think she'll be the winner for that reason.

    Michelynne....well, with her folks' home riding on it, she's got the sympathy vote, but I think they better start looking for a rental. She's a pretty girl- Alicia Silverstone-ish looking-but she's been behaving more like a 16 yr old. She blew the commercial so badly; she didnt know the lines and they did take after take after take(at least 10). Something about her suggests that she's depended too much on vulnerability and those big blue eyes. She needs to focus and get with the program quicky. She loses a little more in confidence and poise each episode.
    So, I dont think Michelynne will be The One either.

    Mercedes...Mercedes (she reminds me strongly of the young Ingrid Bergman without the Bergman glow) is just way too pouty and sulky and broody. Having to strip down to the bikini was the End of the World. Maybe she'll perk up in the next epi...then again, maybe she'll continue trending to flakey and kooky. Nothing about her appeals to me any more. Ready for her to sulk off in her sarong permanently.
    I think the judges may have fallen out of love with her too, but maybe she'll redeem herself in the next show. Too early to knock her out.

    Katie....a surprise. She could do really well with certain roles and commercials, playing to that wholesome corn fed midwestern thing she's got going on. She comes across as pretty mature and calculating and focused. I liked her more after the last show than I had before.

    Right now, I could see a Finale where Katie and Lauren are the last contenders remaining. There's a bit of drama to exploit-they already dont like each other, there's a big contrast in their looks and styles. They seem to be the two most mature and ready-to-work of the bunch. Lauren is my bet for the winner in that scenario-she looked smashing on the red carpet. The other possibility is Lauren and Michelynne, with Lauren the winner.
    Ultimately, the winner will be the one the producers of One Tree Hill want in that show-and I dont think they'll want to hire an immature, dependent needy 18 yr old.
    So...my guess is the winner will be Lauren.

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    Mercedes is a good actress but she is just too uncomfortable in her skin.

    Lauren and Katie I liked, I agree with Katie's "wholesome corn-fed midwestern thing" and she was great in the commercial. Lauren really did look like a movie star on the red carpet.

    Cecile is also good but I think she's hard to understand at times with her accent and that's going to be a liability for her unless she can learn to tone it down. She wouldn't fit in with the One Tree Hill cast I don't think.

    Michelynne is my favorite but I think she's too innocent. She would be eaten alive in this business.

    I agree that it will end up between Katie and Lauren.

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    I think it will be between Lauren and Michellynne. I don't think Katie has any acting ability at all. I really think they would've gotten rid of her last week, but she did nail the commercial. I just don't see her as a "starlet."

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    Thanks for the replies, Bgkd and Marley. I think Lauren is a definite to be one of the final two, and it's a toss up between Michelynne and Mercedes and Katie for the runnerup. So who do you think is the next to go? Michelynne or Cecile? Those two are the weakest (for different reasons) in my opinion.
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    But I could be wrong. I'm wrong a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onewally
    Thanks for the replies, Bgkd and Marley. I think Lauren is a definite to be one of the final two, and it's a toss up between Michelynne and Mercedes and Katie for the runnerup. So who do you think is the next to go? Michelynne or Cecile? Those two are the weakest (for different reasons) in my opinion.
    Cecile started off really strong I think but lately she hasn't been as good. I really have trouble with her accent, sometimes she's just hard to understand. If she could work with a voice coach that would help, she is very good otherwise.

    Michelynne has potential but she's inconsistent. She was great in the second show when she won the diva suite... and pretty good in the hot tub despite the crack monkey. In the commercial though she was very disappointing. Right now I think Cecile is the better of the two even though I would really like Michelynne to win.

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    I'm still hoping Mercedes can prove physical confidence to them before the contest ends. If so she can win.

    I was hoping for Cecile last week, or thinking she'd win - Mercedes just seemed so 'not trying'. She's gotta work on her self-image I think, or the biz would eat her up anyway. Cecile does have the acting ability - I disagree with what Middleton said last ep.

    Only Cecile seemed fish out of water (no pun) on the beach last time. She just struggled with that accent. It would be impossible basically, to get commercials with that unresolved, and her acting roles would be few also. Although I do think that sort of thing is easier than in decades past. More casting against type, and also, more tv channels & shows. Still, why not work on it so she can have more versatility and thus, more roles.

    Katie - basically the same as I felt at the start - great commerical (tv ad) appeal with her superficial charm/perky nature. However I sense some issues there. What's up with the next week's preview, with her pushing Lauren off the stage even after "wait-woah!" from the teacher? Getting REALLY invested for REAL into the scene and forgetting the stage rules is a sign of either rank amateur, headcase, or both. That's dangerous. We've all heard tales of people really being hit, strangled etc. because an 'actor' lost touch with reality onstage. She has this candy coating but scary crap going on deep down - that's just my gut instinct on this girl.

    She did sell the heck out of that fructis stuff though. If I were casting an ad I'd hire her headcase or not. LOL Beyond commercial acting, though - no.

    Lauren - capable, beautiful. Fairly consistent. She could win by default almost. BUT - I still say she is BORING! Why do I keep thinking "news anchor" whenever I see her onscreen?

    And that backstabbing crap she and Katie do - to each other and the others too - has to end. Yes it's good tv I suppose but - also again unprofessional and bitchy. Just no need for it. You'll see the same backs you stabbed, on the way down.

    Donna - I know she's out now but I just wanna say, her support of the others behind scenes (although I do realise the camera was rolling - either it was sincere of her, darned smart to get sympathetic camera time to anyone watching - or both) whatever the reason was stellar. She also showed a lot of dignity (as Michelynne lauded her for, in a speech wiser than her years) on the way out. She knows this biz isn't won in a day.

    I hope she does continue following up (classes, etc.). In a way the acting biz is more like Survivor than Starlet. She had a great attitude. Maybe she and Vivica will work together one day... Vivica seemed to have a hard time seeing Donna go. Maybe she can relate to some of Donna's struggles in the biz, who knows?

    Michelynne - A stunner and will go far. She just needs time, and to know that if someone takes the time to comment about her technique, it's because they think she's worth spending that time ON. Faye D. basically said all she needs is to connect with that appeal she has inside and the deeper emotions and it will be dynamite, she already has allure. That was actually compliment after compliment about her having the right stuff - it just is not there on screen YET. She isn't gonna say it that plainly, she's there to judge and to critique what she sees, not to teach. But Michelynne and Mercedes need to hear with a more objective ear. They don't even know when someone's saying it's no biggie and we think if you take care of X you will be a star.

    I really hope Michelynne finds good people to be around in Hwd. so she doesn't end up disillusioned or disheartened or worse, taken advantage of. Babe in the woods comes to mind although she's tough inside, that's plain too. She just needs some time and some luck and some technique. A really solid acting teacher who won't let her coast on natural charm. But technique based - NOT one who mires in emotions or interior thought which likely would only get her depressed and stuck in her own emotions. She might do well with the Meisner Technique for instance.

    The skin problem - really isn't one. Lots of good dermatologists in L.A. Meanwhile just drink tons of water and don't overdo the cleaning products. They talk you into toners etc. and those just irritate the skin more. Simple rough cloth and water, and some lotion in daytime. Gotta break that cycle of makeup for coverup too. It clogs pores. Anyway lots of ways to remedy that minor problem. She may grow out of some of it too.

    Mercedes - Don't you see that you can win this if you just center yourself and be confident? You're not fat. Not shapeless. You looked thin and beautiful until you put that sarong on. Anyone looks big in one of those things unless a 90 lb. supermodel. But you looked tone and thin from the front especially. I had to look really hard to see what you even meant, from the back. The judges only saw that sarong. Their mind is gonna fill in that you must have a problem there, (when they see a big dark drapery), and react accordingly.

    Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Rosselini are not considered fat or out of shape or anything - and they're who you most resemble of known stars, IMO. They're both considered beautiful leading ladies. They have both even done nude scenes, and those aren't given out to any shmo on the street.

    Mercedes should realise that she doesn't have a problem and if she wants to go that extra mile that is required of a superstar, a daily trip to the gym. If all that stood between most people and success was a trip to the gym, even daily - those places would be packed. Look what you'd get in return, Mercedes. Even if (and I don't think this would be the case) you didn't become successful in acting - you'd be more healthy. That's worth the effort too. BUT I really don't see a problem in her shape, honest I don't.

    Faye D. basically told you its' NOT worth tears - and that it isn't personal or a judgment or punishment - but everyone has to do it, they all have to go to the gym and exercise. Why not have every advantage anyway since acitng is what you love.

    The fact they focus on that and that you're even in this contest should tell you that everything ELSE is in place. That's what to focus on if you can.

    You're young, healthy, beautiful, talented, you have screen presence - star quality even. You have the training and technique in place (all else I'd say already of Michelynne too). You have personality on screen and off. You (both) seem like a good person. So many out there are pulling for you, I know.

    Don't get depressed because of the one detail that isn't in place. Just go after it.

    And if that sarong hadn't been on I really doubt the judges would've said anything to her at all. She looked as good as any of the other "girls".

    I read this article in Scientific Mind magazine last week. Something called Maximisers and Satisficers. The Maximisers are never happy and have a constant underlying feeling of loss or regret. They always feel they did something a bit wrong or made the wrong choice. I hear that in Mercedes' comments like "I had it and now I don't". Don't lose time focusing on that - for one thing THAT thinking is what does that to you Mercedes. Just focus instead on how much you love acting and focus also on what you want to do once you win this thing. Think like you are a winner. But, Maximisers can't stand disappointment it really knocks them for a loop. Take a page from Donna & try and be more optimistic. You have an opportunity, win or lose this contest, to be seen and get an open door into showbiz, that many will never have. Don't feel bad for them and don't focus on anything negative.

    Just count your blessings and use your talent. The rest can fall into place.

    Sorry it's just frustrating to see someone psych themselves out of winning when it's just almost in the palm of their hand.

    Anyway - phew - if she can convince the judges she will have more physical confidence she can win it - or if Michelynne can convince them she's ready now (she's lately seeming too intimidated, no fault of her own since she's only 18 and - has she ever acted before? It does take practise, it is a skill).

    Then one of the M's will win.

    Otherwise, THIS week anyway, it's looking like Lauren by default. She is the most casual about everything and thus seems more professional to the judges.

    But she lacks visible passion. Or presence. She just seems... ordinary?

    Y'know, I tried to think why the producers had chosen women who seemed kind of green. They ALL seem kind of green. In different ways. Then I realised, if they had a lot of jaded, professional, trained actresses, it would be kind of boring. These do seem more like people pulled off the street and given a chance.

    Albeit that is one glamorous street. LOL

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    I figured Lauren was going to be one of the final two. I also said I was wrong a lot. At least I got one part right.

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    So...who's the next to go?

    I like a lot of things about Katie's personality-I admire that kind of ambition and drive-but I think her performances are the weakest.
    Cecile...she just bores me to death. I cannot see what anyone else sees in her.
    Michelynne....ok, she's terribly immature, but she's got potential as an actress.
    Mercedes...her personality turns me off so much I cant really judge her ability.

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    So far, Katie is an obvious choice. She give solid performances, but nothing really outstanding. Two girls, Michellyne and Cecile have potential to beat her. But they can't seem to pull it together.

    judging by the last episode, the elimination order would be:


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