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Thread: Who's your bet to win?

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    Crystal Allen
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    I think editting points to her as the winner. Her storyline is the loudest--every time she wins something it's all "Oh wow! I get clothes! I've never had clothes before!" They've created a whole Cinderella story for her that truthfully, I find a little over the top.

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    I agree. At this point, given the editing, if Katie won, One Tree Hill might actually lose viewers. The few people who watch the Starlet either like her or hate her and I suspect the latter outnumbers the former. Could be good for regular soap opera.

    Mercedes may be the best actress of the three for drama, but if she can't do sexy, I can't see her as a starlet on a Warner show..

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    I'm thinking Michellynne wins, Mercedes comes in second, with obnoxious Katie bringing up the rear.
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