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Thread: We lonely few

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    I'm watching as well....normally a belated watching, but I am. I think the reason there's not a lot of discussion is due to the shows it's on against each week. For me, The Starlet is one of my record and catch later shows cause I'm too busy during it's timeslot with other things and sitting in on their discussions.

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    This show has the potential to get a nice following. Part of the problem is the shifting times, but WB shows rarely get boffo ratings (I believe 7TH Heaven the highest-rated). I like the parting catchphrase, and sometimes the judges actually comes across as supportive. I hope they find a better time slot for this.

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    The fact that the show is on at the same time as TAR is basically the kiss of death for any reality show, no matter how great it is.
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    I'd think any reality fan with TiVo would be tuning in... The showtimes are kind of poorly thought out, and it wasn't well advertised. If I hadn't heard them mention it while Faye Dunaway was walking into the Oscars I'd have not known about the show at all.

    If they stick with the format though (i.e. next yr & after that, as opposed to giving up and cancelling), I think it can be a hit. They do need to advertise it! I can't even figure out how many more eps there will be. Will there be two going home each week? Or is next week the last ep. Last ep only one went home. That leaves five...why?

    They need to drag out the suspense more & more.

    I think if some forum-posters aren't snarking more - it's cos the contestants all seem so nice. Well mostly... LOL.

    Even the backbiting ones seem more immature than anything else.

    The judges can't see Lauren's backbiting to others, so it won't affect her chances most likely. Although we should all note the disclaimer at the end of the show that admits the producers have final say.

    When Michelynne won that makeover & wardrobe, which she really needed in order to stay competitive, (and confident, in a way) - I felt the producers must be pulling for her to win, it would make the best copy in a way: Rags to Riches. Young unknown becomes starlet. But, she's letting the pressure get to her. Easily understood at her age and lack of experience, which isn't a crime. In fact her age is a great plus as it typically takes a while to really 'make it'. As far as a role on OTH I haven't seen that show but if it's a "young" show and they want her to have that fanbase - a young actress who's darling & can wear the current teenage fashions would make sense. (Another actress of course could just have a guest spot, of any age).

    Michelynne does need to listen more closely and know when she's being complimented. And guided. Otherwise she will fall into coasting on charm or being fooled by yes-people (common trap for stars). The people who think she's worth spending time guiding aren't gonna waste time lying and telling her she's ready when she isn't. Or she did great when she can do better. She and the others need to find their fulfillment on a personal level outside the comments of others. (Religion, family, hobbies, charity, for example. There are lots of snares along the long winding road & those keep the vision clearer.)

    But that's kind of a catch 22 among actors. They crave that praise or they wouldn't want to be a star.

    I love the show though and I usually find reality tv boring. But seeing someone's life change is always exciting. I just hope whoever wins makes the most of it.

    I hope the others do too!
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    I never knew that this show came on in Canada, since it is produced by the WB and I dont get that channel but just yesterday I saw an episode (the one where Donna was eliminated ... I think her name was donna) and it wasnt that bad. I prefer this show to most of the other junk reality tv shows I watch ... lol If I remember what time and channel and day it comes on I will continue to watch it. I love the judging panel. Its no holds barred all the time

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    I just started tuning in. I have lived under a rock for quite some time and just got limited cable last Tuesday. So this is the first I've heard of this show. Anyway, I was watching during TAR commercials. It does seem like it might be a pretty good show. Since my view of Tuesday's episode was limited, I was surprised to see Donna eliminated. I thought for sure it would be Cecile since she couldn't get any of her lines out.

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    Cecile did alright in the first challenge, then really nailed the second, so that probably saved her. Vivica was also adamant about her staying longer.

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