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Thread: Day and time of this show, for now...

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    Day and time of this show, for now...

    A number of people have mentioned they have missed one of this week's episodes (which is no wonder with this wacky schedule). According to the WB website, the first episode will re-run tonight at 8:00 EST, and the second at 9:00 EST.

    The show was originally slated for Tuesday nights at 9:00 EST, then it was moved to Sundays at 8:00, now it is back on Tuesdays at 9:00, with reruns on Thursdays at 9:00. This is making me crazy!

    Anyway, I'll try to stay on top of it and keep this thread updated...
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    Does anyone know how many more eps there are?

    Or the format remaining?

    (two or one go home per ep?)

    Would be cool if it were down to two then one of them won. But whatever.

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    All I know is it is on Tuesday nite. Check the time at The Starlet website.

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    According to TiVo there are two more episodes.

    Next week, a live performance at a comedy club (one girl goes packing) - and the final week, April 5 episode the winner will be announced. The final three would-be starlets, will do a scene from One Tree Hill for the producers of that show if I remember right.

    The final episode is a normal one hour episode.

    It will run Tues/Thurs like the other eps.

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