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    I heard somewhere that they were living in a house once owned by Marilyn. Anyone know anything else related to this?

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    Only the fact that they said so on the show.

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    Only house I know of her owning in L.A. was at Fifth Helena Drive, if memory serves. She mostly lived in apartments otherwise; she lived in NYC (apt.) for a while too.

    There's a book in print somewhere that lists Marilyn facts A to Z and includes the address of every home she ever lived in.

    It doesn't look like pix I've seen of the Helena Dr. house (which btw Anna Nicole Smith later bought) but then it's been modernised and repainted etc., etc. (it was beige when MM lived in it) Yes I used to be a MM nerd

    I thought that maybe it's a house she lived in with DiMaggio or something. I always read in MM bios etc. that the Helena Dr. one was very small, tha'ts why she liked it - snug & cozy. This house seems to have lots of rooms.

    Then again things look bigger on tv.

    I doubt they'll be more specific unless they change location next year. Don't want stalkers showing up there...

    Hmm, come to think of it, if they are in the Helena Drive house - that actually is where Marilyn died.


    (Not a great omen for their careers...)

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