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    Half Yugoslavian and half Puerto Rican, Neva has lived in Serbia, Yugoslavia and the city of Rincon in Puerto Rico, and now resides in Los Angeles. This 21-year-old professional surfer and model is extremely determined and strives to be the best at everything she does. She's traveled the world for surfing competitions and has done runway modeling and print work in addition to several national commercials. Janeanne Garofallo, Ellen Degeneres and Charlize Theron top her list of favorite actresses.
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    She's got a hell of an interesting look to her. Seeing if she can actually act wil be another thing entirely.

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    Previous Reality Experience

    She was also featured on another reality show called "Surf Girls" on MTV. She quit after the first day because she thought she was too cool. She didn't get a long with anyone and so she walked away.

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    Self defeating attitude and her ego seems to outstrip her abilities at this point.

    I think Faye's assessment of Neva was right-on.

    I don't like her face much, she did have a nice figure in her hot tub scene, but so do thousands of other actresses in Hwd. And those who don't, they can hire body doubles for (if they have the other qualities they want). So, looking good isn't enough - look what happened to Andria in the first show.

    Judging from her comments in the first show, I think likely producers chose her thinking she'd be the requisite "bitch" of the household... and when she didn't deliver, buh-bye. She was flat and wooden both in front of and behind the 'camera' (scene camera, not show camera).

    All in all just a really unpleasant feeling from her and not in a good 'villainy' way either.

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