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Thread: Michelynne

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    I think she's the best of the four remaining contestants.

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    She does have potential, and she's very young, (lots of time for a manager-type to develop that potential & that's how they tend to look at it) and gorgeous. Hope she stays as sweet as she seems now, though (with a good manager & agent to protect her).

    If she won - she's currently the type of actress the director would have to coach through a tough or emotional scene. Just simply hasn't got enough acting experience yet to have the craft part of it down. She seemed in her scene last ep, like she was in a high school play. Saying the lines in costume isn't enough (especially when the costume is just wrong for her).

    I know it's what she really wore in high school - but, people will tend to want her to be young & cute on screen cos that's one thing she has to offer on screen. She seemed matronly almost, or like the school secretary stopping in.

    She could be so adorable in the latest fashions, and I think that's why people are gonna want that from her - disappointing otherwise. I think they're all too green really, to know what it is they have to offer. Katie's actually doing the best in that way, from sheer gall if nothing else. I wish all the other girls had some of her drive. Anyway.

    They might still pick her but it's hard to say. At this point there is no clear frontrunner IMO. Katie has limited range, and is strident. (But more on her on her page)

    Michelynne can go far, she just needs time & training. If hired today, she'd kind of need an on-set 'coach' or to be guided by the director - basically "do it this way".

    BUT when she is told what to do and gets it - she does it. That tells me she does have talent & can take direction. She's just simply green thus far. And why wouldn't she be....

    I still think her win would make the best copy - especially since she came from foster homes and so did Marilyn Monroe whose house they're all staying in.

    Should she get some great acting lessons and learn to dig deep, she could be a huge star one day - But she can't coast on looks. If she does and connects that up with what she has naturally (looks/presence) she will be "dynamite" as Ms. D put it.

    If she will do that!

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    I agree with nearly everything in your post, Brandy. Michelynne is definitely my favorite. There is something special about her, and she is really beautiful in a youthful, wholesome way. Damn, throw a bonnet on her and she could be on Little House on the Prairie.

    She is certainly very inexperienced. Not necessarily a bad thing, because as you said, she can have classes and coaching, and on the set, there would be a director telling her what to do. The talent we see from her now is just totally natural and we've seen that she is wide open to direction and instructions and seems to learn very quickly.

    She didn't blow me away in her recent screen test. She was too subtle and understated, but all the emotion she did put into the scene was honest at least. There is nothing fake or contrived about her like there was with Donna's acting, for example. Once she has had some real training, I think she could be great.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her. The rags to riches story would be great for the show, of course. I think she has a good chance - you just can't help but like her.
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    She's my Fav I'm rooting for her to win this

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    I agree oneTVslave! You just can't help but like Michelynne. She is definitely the winner on sentiment!

    I think she has a good chance to win since the final ep is judged by OTH producers if I understand correctly via TiVo.

    If it were 'actress search' maybe Mercedes hands-down as being the most currently prepped. But they're seeking a 'starlet'... Michelynne is the classic 'discovery' story. Old time Hollywood style. They wheel in a team of managers, makeover artists, wardrobe etc., and she's on her way. Oh and acting coaches & publicists I guess too

    She does have a beautiful and versatile face and that beautiful long hair, could fit a number of different onscreen roles actually. It's in her favor, too. She is kind of a romantic-heroine type in a way a la Jane Seymour (more innocent though). She could do various parts modern or 'period'.

    You made an excellent point - what she has shown has been natural - no artifice. She just needs to sort of grow (in technique), & learn as she goes. I think she only needs to learn once & she's got it. She just seems unfamiliar with a lot of the shorthand the judges are using - like "find more colors". I hope whoever trains her doesn't coach the naturalness out of her but works with that tendency.

    I hope they have the same series next year.

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    I don't like Michelynne. I think she is the least talented of the actresses. And I hope Katie, or Mercedes win instead ofher.

    Michelynne has acne - it's gross.

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    i think she did wonderful in her comedy scene- shes my FAVE, since the very first day!! i dont like katie or mercedes...

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