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Thread: Mercedes

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    Her whining is driving me crazy. I think she overacted her scene....I dont think she's attractive, and her bikini shot tonite was awful...she's got reason to worry about the bod. That was the flabbiest butt I've ever seen on a girl her age and size.

    Whoever put that shot of her rear end in the show must hate her.

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    I noticed last ep they did lock onto her bee-hind twice and linger there. One lesson I hope Mercedes learns is, never point out to others or make an issue of your own 'flaws' especially physical, in showbiz - if they didn't see it before they sure will remember it now and subconsciously start to agree. It can cost her work.

    From the front in the beach ad at least, she looked as thin as any of the other girls -actually thinner than Katie did. But that sarong did her in.

    Now she needs to spice up her wardrobe a bit... That schoolmarm frock last ep in the panel portion of the show - what was Mercedes thinking? Boring, wrong color, and unflattering fit. Just wrong, wrong wrong. And I LIKE Mercedes! She could also do something different with her hair just once during the panel portion. It's kind of limp.

    I guess I focus on their hair cos that's what they can easily change. Am trying to not be catty & talk about their shapes - none of their figures are beyond improving anyway, with a bit of toning. No biggie, all leading men/ladies have to worry about that.

    She has the strongest acting chops, no doubt. BUT she needs to light a fire under her butt, Ms Dunaway is right: WAKE UP and do it. Not just the exercise but just in general she should put forth more energy & focus. She needs to show them she wants this.

    Judges at this point are looking for reasons to send a girl home - I think Mercedes will make it to the final three barring something big happening next ep. BUT she may not win simply because she is coming across as lacking ambition.

    She has gotten too comfy in that consoling other actors/out of work New York actor vibe. It is fine to be friendly but the people hiring wanna know you want the job and wanna know you will work the hardest.

    Right now Katie has maybe the least to offer but is doing the competition part right. Although I didn't agree she has to be isolated or unfriendly to do it. But the others ARE losing focus while socialising too much, too.

    Be nice to see one of them strike a happy medium there.

    Mercedes - quit crying already! I am starting to worry about her should she make a career of it in L.A. because she is a love of work type - but to have the career to go with it she has to toughen up some. It's about image - that's why they stand in front of the camera! It isn't personal.

    Nothing wrong with her shape she neesd a bit of toning is all (and only cos she wants to be a leading lady). That's so minor... She just needs to stop crying about it.

    Why is she crying over comedy next week? I like her and want her to win but even I'd start to wonder if she'd have a breakdown on the set the way she's been carrying on. Yeesh.

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