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    The youngest of three girls, this outgoing 22-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, is currently studying chemical engineering and communications at Arizona State University. She moved to Europe several years ago on a whim without any money or plans. Her favorite actresses include Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Salma Hayek.
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    From the pre-interviews? You can't tell much, but there are lots of "umms" and she seems a little fakey.

    She's sort of a Sophia Bush type, but like... a third rate knockoff.

    Could just be that tape. Maybe she pops in a role with actual lines.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
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    i like her. her pre interview tape doesn't do her any justice. she was really good the past couple epiosodes in mon avis

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    Capable and all, nothing I can really say against her, except that she doesn't stand out. She just isn't that memorable. She seems indistinguishable from any other actress in a way. Ability and looks and technique still aren't really enough - presence is needed too and she hasn't got much, at least not that's been shown so far.

    In other words, she's boring.

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    I liked Lauren until last nite, when she revealed that she's catty and mean. Reminded me of the queen bees on the playground, deciding who's going to be in the exclusive little group and who's not. Too bad she uses her leadership qualities to exclude and belittle.
    It seems to me that Katie's comments to the group were not personal attacks on any particular person. Some of her comments were constructive. Her comment to Mercedes that focusing on improving her performance instead of fretting over her body was exactly what Mercedes needed to hear. When Cecile was having her post judgement breakdown, her comments-I forget what they were-were more helpful than the other girls' comforting.
    Getting rid of Lauren changes the group dynamics. Michelynne is weak and dependent, Mercedes is too self absorbed, Cecile doesnt have much personality that I've been able to discern....will be interesting to see how they get on together after this.
    Wonder how long this show was shooting? A couple of weeks?

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    Lauren... she will have the surest bet for work as an entertainment reporter or something like that. Not a bad gig.

    She should have just blown Katie off - not sure why Katie gets to her to the degree she does. It only gave Katie the energy she was seeking, to stir up, to feed off for the screen test. Without that, Katie wouldn't have been able to think her way through the scene, is my hunch. Katie seems the type who needs to stir the pot around her at all times and also dominate the room, either by talking non stop or being girly or pretending friendship or cutting others to ribbons passive-aggressively. Lauren should've just stood up & left the room when Katie began her nonsense. Then again I think she'd had it.

    Lauren in her screen test, lokoed like a P. E. teacher - and not in a good way. The jeans she wore were way too small and didn't fit right. Never dress down for a screen test or audition or dress the part. That's their job to imagine you in the role. Just look your BEST.

    She looked frumpy and since she's pretty much consistently been flat and boring in her work I feel that's why she was sent home.

    She didn't strike me as bitchy so much as just way too focused on Katie. She has to get along with anyone on a shoot is the thing, to be seen as professional. If she doesn't like someone - just keep mum about it and get on with the work.

    Katie had a point in what she said but was entirely tactless. The way she said it was meant to jab at the others not to help them. No point in saying to others you don't want to care about them.
    BUT Lauren needs to learn how to laugh that stuff off at least pretend to. Otherwise the pot stirrers will always cost her.

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