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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky
    I don't know. I can imagine Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones and other MAJOR stars discussing lines with a director and being listened too. Plus you often hear stories of actors/actresses ad libbing and the scene still makes the final cut.
    It's one thing for an actor to ad lib because they forgot a line or someone else missed a cue, but to try and change the lines when you're a contestant in an acting contest doesn't fly. What makes her think she should get to do it differently than the other contestants because she doesn't like the way it's written? With that attitude she should change her name to Prima Donna.

    I think if she had forgotten a line and ad libbed it she would have been fine as long as it didn't interrupt the flow of the commercial, but then they were probably also being judged on their ability to learn the lines as written so I could be wrong about that. She does have potential, and I still say good for her for showing such grace after being sent home.

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    Good point Marleybone...

    Not only is changing the copy just not done, when a newcomer/unknown... Even a star wouldn't do it in a commercial.

    Corporations pay million$ to ad agencies who slaver over every word. It's all timed down to the second, too. Chop out two words & you just insulted the company's taste (for paying for each one of those), and the ad agency's ability (spend their lives writing ads) not to mention showing just a lack of respect for the entire job.

    It may even be why she was sent packing. With product placement like that, Garnier is likely one of the show's sponsors. Just all around a very ill advised thing to do. Blow the line once, maybe OK. Keep blowing it and say it's "not natural" - byebye contestant.

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