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Thread: Cecile

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    The daughter of a UN Diplomat, this 20-year-old South African has lived all over the world, including Malaysia, Israel, London, New York and Connecticut. She represented South Africa in a national televised chess competition when she was only 6 years old. Her favorite actresses include Meryl Streep, Catherine Deneuve, Annette Benning and Charlize Theron.
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    Woo. Serious sex bomb. And if you listen to her pre-interviews on WB.com she's got a majorly sexy throaty (South African) accent, but which could sub for about any Brit-centric one. She might have trouble playing an American, but otherwise assuming she can actually act she's definitely got some apparent star quality.

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    She's got super-model looks

    She should be on the cover of Vanity Fair, Vogue, ... What on earth is she doing on WB? I love her South African accent (I love Charlize Theron too). Her lesbian scene in the hot hub was hot, hot, hot (now feel like a lesbian)! She is clearly aware of her sensuality, which should help her if she pursues a modeling career?

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    I agree, she is gorgeous and has the acting ability and presence to go along with the looks. She could easily take this whole thing - although I think that Michelynne is more WB material at this point in her development. Cecile is ready for the big screen.
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    Silver Screen, not the WB

    I watched that scene with her and Mercedes and for a second, I was really into it (not in any part due to Mercedes' acting. Cecile had to carry the scene for her because she was that uncomfortable). I even felt a bit lesbonic, which is def not me. I mean Cecile is classic, poised, and elegant and can really act. The WB is so not for her. She's up there with Keira Knightly or Natalie Portman in my opinion, maybe even better. Honestly she reminds me of a younger, more beautiful, and a lot more sensual and sexier Nicole Kidman. Word to the wise, drop this show and pursue a movie career. One Tree Hill could use Michelynne (TV drama actress) or maybe Lauren (who I feel is also really good. she could easily slide in out of both movies and TV).

    Go Cecile!!!

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    Cecile totally rocks! Girl can act (and yeah, probably model, too). She seems to be the only one who has inherent acting talent of the whole bunch, and furthermore, she appears to be intelligent as well!

    I seriously hope she wins this whole thing, although I am sure it would piss some off that a South African won, instead of an all-American girl. This shouldn't matter, and I hope it doesn't affect her chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teeny
    I seriously hope she wins this whole thing, although I am sure it would piss some off that a South African won, instead of an all-American girl. This shouldn't matter, and I hope it doesn't affect her chances.
    Aren't we all children of the same Mother England?

    Cecile is the bomb, but the one thing I wonder is whether she is too similar to Charlize that she wouldn't be able to distinguish herself.
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    Cecile is very pretty and talented girl. I want her to win the competition.

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    I don't think she's the prettiest one... but she makes the most out of every bit of pretty she has going for her. (She IS pretty don't get me wrong. But she has a smaller face and film likes big heads smaller bodies - oversized eyes too - y'know?).

    She can definitely be a big nighttime tv star, maybe a movie star too. What she lacks in classic movie star looks she makes up for in presence, personality and she does have lots of talent and technique, too.

    Chess champion too? She did handle the scene with Mercedes (most of all the rehearsal too, when Mercedes wimped out on her over & over...) very tactfully and subtly... she has class and intelligence. Whatever she chooses to do I think she will succeed in the end.

    Overall so far she is the closest to being ready right now to work and succeed... she isn't afraid as some of the other 'girls' are. Yet her confidence isn't over reaching into vanity or ego (not apparently anyway) as we've seen in some of the others.

    I kind of wish she'd focus her 'look' a little more... her hair seems straggly sometimes and I think she needs a more polished look. That's just my opinion. It can be shoulder length and still be versatile.

    I think she is likely older than 20...

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    Surprised me how unprepared and how lightly she took the commerical audition aspect. Every competition is important in a contest.

    Also shows how well rounded or lacking well roundedness, each contestant is. Kind of like failing a midterm.

    It wasn't her fault in a way that she wasn't already trained in voice and diction or hadn't gotten rid of her accent yet. Maybe this contest came up before she was truly ready but she couldn't resist the chance. STILL, "the starlet has to be ready now" as Faye D. put it.

    Only Katie (and Lauren, a bit too - but she was 'personality acting' Faye was right - Lauren seemed very insincere about the product) understood that they're there to sell the product. She got it across what the product does. Also Katie's hair looked the most beach-ish.

    Cecile's kind of looked a mess sorry to say. I think she could use a new 'do maybe.

    What I'd cast her as, is a lady cop on BBC America type of nighttime tv. She has a toughness but seems accessible too. Is beautiful but not in a space alien type of level like a Liz Taylor in her young days (can't think of a current example). She could play someone successful but flawed. That's what I'd type her as.

    I'd like to see her get a cut that was choppy and shorter, maybe chin length - lots of movement in the cut. Long, it's too thin looking.

    If she takes her craft seriously she's gotta be able to do other accents. Not a lot of cinema in South Africa that I know of?

    I see her as more a tv person than in movies... But that's mostly based on her lack of game last episode. She could have it in there & just not be showing it yet.

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