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Thread: The Starlet

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    Oh, man, I wish I'd seen your post earlier, OTS! I'm not used to reality shows on Sunday nights (even though there have been a few).

    So it sounds like Tuesday is NOT a replay, then. Here's the description on the WB site:

    Fresh | tuesday | 9/8c trailer
    The eight remaining aspiring actresses are put through a passion and seduction training session to prepare for a love scene. After rehearsing with guys, the girls learn that they will actually have to perform the lesbian scene from "Fastlane," which originally starred Jaime Pressly and Tiffani Thiessen. Even after Jaime Pressly arrives and gives the girls a pep talk, they are still nervous and one girl comes close to quitting. After critiquing their screen tests, the panel of judges, including Academy Award-winning actress Faye Dunaway ("Bonnie and Clyde," "Chinatown," "Network"), Vivica A. Fox ("Kill Bill, Volume 1," "Independence Day," "Soul Food") and famed casting director Joseph Middleton ("Mr. And Mrs. Smith," "Legally Blonde," "The Bourne Identity") eliminate two actresses.
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    The yahoo listings for my area show say there is an episode at 8 and at 9, so maybe they are replaying the premiere at 8:00. I'm not sure...

    ETA: From the WB site, it looks like both episodes will rerun on Thursday night.
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    You're right, both episodes are on tonight back to back. I'm glad since I missed the first one.

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    Fleiss may be the cheesieset of the reality show producers, but he understands the mix. Bad taste, shock factor, desperation, pretentious trappings, Faye Dunaway. The lesbian love scene was the perfect cross of American Idol, Fear Factor, and all the hot tub scenes from the Bachelor/ette.
    And then there's the cannibalism factor of getting to promo all these WB shows through the show then feeding the winner to yet another WB show.

    The only probelm is that acting charisma is really hard to find and they're cutting the cast way too quickly and I'm not sure they have enough actressses who jump out as genuine possible stars. You also need someone like Courtney to hang around for another couple episodes and irritate everyone. I do like the way Vivica Fox goes cross grain by constantly dissing the one African American contestant's acting skills to be ultimately politically correct.

    I've had this great image of the final screen test. It would obviously have to be a scene with Faye Dunaway or reprising Faye Dunaway, maybe something from Mommie Dearest where Joan Crawford subs for Christina in the soap opera or the sex scene from Network. I could also see a female female Sunset Boulevard with Faye in William Holden's role.

    In the meantime, why do I feel like looking for reruns of Hillary Swank on Beverly Hills 90210 as Steve Sanders's girlfriend?

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