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Thread: Baseball- Inter League Play or Not?

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    Baseball- Inter League Play or Not?

    Now that Inter League Play has started for the first time this year... i was wondering who agrees with this practice of AL teams playing NL teams during the regular season in MLB?

    Quinn's rant:
    When it first started a few seasons ago, i was excited b/c it brought new and interesting matchups to the table- intra-state teams being able to play against each other (cubs-white sox, yankees-mets, dodgers-angels, etc..) classic but forgotten rivalries renewed- and a general change-up from the tedious 162 game schedule...
    Now, however i find myself siding with the traditionalist in thinking the inter-league scheduling has run its course! It creates unbalanced schedules that will favor certain division teams over a rival. For example- the Phillies have consectutive series against Seattle, Oakland, and Anaheim- then 3 more Boston- Atlanta- Boston... whereas the Braves (in 1st place get Texas, Baltimore and Tampa Bay). I'm sure there are other examples all over the placein MLB- and normally i would say so what as long as i am entertained- but invariably after 162 games, the season always comes down to the last few games- and these inter-league games, though lost in the middle of the season- hvae a direct impact on the final outcome at the end of the season!

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    I like inter league play for the enjoyment and excitment. We had the Yanks come to Cincy last night and it was like a playoff. We havent faced them since we took them 4 straight in the 76' WS. I do think they should try and balance the schedule more though. Last year we had to play all 4 AL west(who killed us) where St louis got to play KC 6 games who the killed so if it would have come down to a few games then I would have been very upset.

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    I think it is better now that they have actually started rotating it around. But still, in the attempt to keep "rivalries" in tact, they have created an unbalanced schedule.

    I hate to agree with Steinbrenner, but he is right, the Yanks get yanked on this deal.
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    I hate it with a passion. To me, they screwed up the schedule big time. I get to see the Cards play Atlanta once, and Florida once now. It sucks. It used to be that Atlanta played the Cards three or four times. Now with the changes they play in each stadium one time.
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    I like inter-league play cuz it gives me a chance to see other teams and other players play who I would've never gotten to see if they didn't come to town. This season however I haven't been to a game and won't be going either. . Normally I get to about 40 a season, but with a 17 month old daughter who doesn't stay still and a baby due in 3 1/2 weeks, it won't be happening. I just have to pray that the Expos stick around for another year, but I think that's wishful thinking on my part. We'll see....

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