A few minutes ago, glancing a 49er-Charger preseason game, FOX ran four quotes suggesting that San Diego isn't doing enough, especially considering the new 49'er stadium.

I'd rather end up watching the Winnemuca Chargers, rather than witness one city after deciding after another to pony up to keep a team. Fiscally, in my view, bending over accommodatingly aids the TEAM, and it's owner(s), NOT the city.

Candlestick got the job done, so has the Oakland coliseum, based on records and trophies .

Listen to the teams, anywhere, and all of a sudden they can't function because of locale.

There's a name for that.


Better to energetically wave bye-bye to a whiner team than forwarding tens of millions of dollars for them to stick around.

There's always going to be somewhere feeling more needy, like Santa Clara with the 49ers, maybe San Antonio effort's to effectively purchase a Raiders presence for a few years.

More power to their efforts, IMO.

The only thing I would change, if I could, would be the period where current cities attempt to deal with these
rascal teams.

Feeling unappreciated to the point you moan about leaving?

Don't waste time and effort for all concerned moaning, just up and leave.

To hell with you and yours.

The sooner ALL realize this is about business, the better.
Teams maintain they maintain owe nothing to any locale they aren't able to leech off of.
At least they are honest and upfront about it. NO LOYALTY. NO LOCAL CONNECTION WHICH COUNTS.

When they first start to moan, show them the door.