Oooh, yes I did read his quote and I was like 'wtf!?' - It was such an odd thing to say. He's a strange dude, Big Joe.

We lost, as I expected, but it was a lot closer than the final score indicated, and there were times when Niemi was keeping the Sharks in it, so I'll take the close game, thank my stars it wasn't worse, and hope we can beat the Sharks some day!

AJane, sorry about the Rangers last night. I really like AV so I felt badly for him and for all of them. Two big losses like that will hopefully light a fire in their belly and they can go on a tear from now on.

About Luongo. The guy is really pretty amazing. He's had major ups and downs but he's kept his cool and his sense of humour, and just seems to be a great teammate in general. I have mad respect for him.

It's funny. The media made such a huge deal about the 'showdown' between Lou and Schneider the other night when New Jersey was in town. They built it up like a big rivalry, who's #1, etc, etc. Then Lou tweets a pic of them from last year in the locker room, with him wearing a Thing 1 and Schneider holding a Thing 2 shirt and said "Miss you, bud" ...then they showed them warming up near each other and laughing and talking. I realized that a lot of the perceptions we as fans have of these players is media-driven, and at the end of the day they, they players, probably don't 'hate' each other at all. They are just doing their jobs, sometimes things get heated, but I have a feeling the fans take things MUCH more seriously than the players do.