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Thread: The Olympic Games

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    Re: The Olympic Games

    I'm soooo pleased for Evan Lysacek! Evgeni really is a very poor winner and a very poor loser! You would think one could manage to at least win with grace but he's never done that. Grace would be a really good thing for him to learn RIGHT NOW. His coaches should also get an infusion! The reports on their feeling like Evgeni was robbed are just the very definition of "sour grapes". While I enjoyed both performances, and it pains me to admit to enjoying Plushenko's, Evan's jumps were very well executed and clean. Evgeni's were not as clean. I don't care how many jumps with how many revolutions he completed. Evgeni's program was front loaded and it was not as clean as Evan's. Evan also was smart enough to make sure that he performed some high scoring elements in the second half for the bonus points.

    I saw that Elvis Stojko felt that the quad should have garnered Plushenko the gold as well. This really didn't surprise me since Elvis was always very strong at the strength and jump elements. I just think that when the judges are scoring within the system you have to play to the system, which Evan did. I also think it diminishes the sport more to have all these grievances aired in the media immediately following a world class performace on the world stage. The old system was so seriously flawed it was a joke. It was pretty much totally subjective. While the new system is far from perfect (whatever perfect looks like) it at least puts some objective points firmly into play.

    Moving on to Johnny Weir...I was very pleased for him. He performed very well. He should be proud. I just don't think his program carried the difficulty it needed to carry for him to even have a chance at the podium. Should he have been higher in the end? Perhaps, but he still wouldn't have made the podium.

    Women's half pipe...loved seeing these women give it their all. Torah was so excited. I would have loved an American sweep, however, I so enjoy watching athletes compete well and with grace. I love how close all the athletes seemed. This discipline seems to have a very tight bunch of athletes that crosses the lines of all countries. It was just so nice to see the way they were all congratulating each other and encouraging each other.
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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Congrats Evan Lysacek and USA! I knew he was having the skate of his life! He deserved the gold, his performance was beautiful!!! It was nice to see he was judged fairly for his performance.

    Congrats to Christine Nesbitt, London Ontario's very own Ladies 1000m Gold Winner!!

    Did anyone notice the Visa commercial that mentions everytime a Canadian wins a Gold? The commercials during these Olympics are the best commercials I've ever seen. I thought they were good the last two years promoting the Olympics, but these last couple of weeks they are so touching, so moving, and a great inspiration to everyone not just athletes!

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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Last night the Canadian Commentator, Elizabeth Manley, stated that Johnny Weir usually loses points because of his foot work. That he doesn't do enough of it, especially compared to Evan or Stephan Lamballe or even Patrick Chan.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the men last night. And the Japanese guy who's laces broke....so upsetting but he kept his cool and hopefully he'll be back next time with new skates.

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    Re: The Olympic Games

    They interviewed Plushenko during the NBC late show and he was completely ungracious just like in that article Mar posted. He kept going on about how the scoring system was different and under the old system he would have won. Then as the interviewer tried to wind down the interview, he looked over at the scores that must have still been posted and was like 'See, there was only a point's difference.' He desperately needs to learn some sportsmanship.

    Evan has a gf, Critical? I had to google who that is. They showed his cheering section and it looked like his sister and his mom who couldn't watch in person but then came over from her hotel for the medal ceremony. I give Evan and Shani the hunky Olympian awards for this Olympics, I think. Oh, and Bode. So many guys, such little time.

    Johnny Weir did do a great job, CRTW. I thought his and Evan's performance were much more compelling than Plushenko's.

    I think Michelle Kwan has retired, Kara. I was googling to find some info about the women's ice skating team and found an article that said that both she and Sasha Cohen had discussed making a comeback for this Olympics but it didn't materialize. Sarah Hughes disappeared because she went to Yale. I think she graduated last May.

    Glad you're back from vacay and are watching the Olympics, Missy!
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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Not to be rude but good for Plushenko and athletes like him.

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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Evgeni.Plushenko;3833033;
    "If the Olympic champion doesn't know how to jump a quad, I don't know," Plushenko said. "Now it's not men's figure skating, now it's dancing."
    Sorry, Evgeni. If it was really men's figure skating then you would be judged on skating figures in the ice like every skater had to do before the 1990's. Back in the Peggy Fleming / Dorthy Hamil era, jumps were no more important than spins and footwork.

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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisg;3833119;
    Evan has a gf, Critical? I had to google who that is. They showed his cheering section and it looked like his sister and his mom who couldn't watch in person but then came over from her hotel for the medal ceremony. I give Evan and Shani the hunky Olympian awards for this Olympics, I think. Oh, and Bode. So many guys, such little time.
    The rumor I saw says he is dating Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin.

    I have heard a variety of snarky comments about Evan being upset that Tanith is sharing a room with Johnny Weir at the Olympics, which is just bizarre to me since (1) Evan and Tanith are no longer a couple and (2) Johnny is gay. Is the media just trying to make a story where there isn't one? I guess it wouldn't be the first time...

    I'm really looking forward to the start of ice dancing tonight, although I'm a bit surprised they are covering the compulsories!

    As far as the ladies go, I am rooting for Mirai Nagasu to do well. I just don't care much for the skating style of Rachel Flatt, although I'm guessing she will do well. She's another one who has coaches/choreographers who know how to work the scoring system well.
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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical;3832955;
    Not to get gosspy, but is Evan still dating Tanith Belbin or has he moved on to Lastia Liukin? Either way, how awkward that she's rooming with Johnny for the Olympics!
    Tanith and Evan are no longer dating. I saw a cute quote from her the other day... apparently the rooming situation came down to her, Evan, and Johnny. Tanith said "do the math.. Johnny and I are sharing a suite."
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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Why do I have to stay up until 12:30 to see ice skating?? What's up, NBC!! :nono

    Loved it, though, of course.
    I don't dislike Plushenko as much as some do, but I was so glad to see Evan win. He trains right here in So CA and is probably one of the most disciplined and hardest training Olympians ever!! And, the fact that he is 6'2'' makes his win a special testament to his hard work. So glad to see Frank Carroll finally having a Gold Medal skater. It's too bad that Michelle never made it all the way to Gold. It's a true testament to her poise, grace and prowess that she s still so beloved in the skating community. Tara Lipinski was never as highly regarded or as loved. She turned pro much too early. Sarah, though much more likable IMO than Tara, was never a big favorite like Michelle, Kristi, Oksana, Nancy, etc. And, that's too bad.
    As far as Johnny Weir, I loved his performance. I enjoy most of his, but I do understand, also, that his performance, while lovely to watch, does not contain the difficulty that the judges expect at this level in the competition. Glad to see, though, that Johnny is proud of what he did. As he should be.

    Looking forward to ice dancing. Not looking as forward to the individual female ice skating competition. Would have loved to see Sasha make it in, but that just wasn't to be.
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    Re: The Olympic Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical;3832894;
    I normally feel like that too, but I really want Lysacek to win the gold....or more to the point, I want Plushenko to NOT win. If any former Russian gold medalist had to come out of retirement, why couldn't it have been Yagudin? I know he has a bad back, but still. Loved him.

    Evan is in first place for now, but he left some room for Plushenko, who skates last. Fingers crossed for a fall! (I totally hate thinking that way, but I can't help it)
    I was thinking the same thing, Crit. As I watched Plushekno skate I was chanting "fall, fall, fall".

    So happy to see Lysacek win...he was awesome. Too bad Plushenko was such a poor sport about it. He looked like a kid who had his ice cream stolen when they were on the podium.
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