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Thread: Role Models and Great Athletes

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    Role Models and Great Athletes

    Andre Agassi was honored at the US Open last week along with Doug Flutie, Mia Hamm and David Robinson.

    Andre's first full charter school class just graduated and every student is attending college. All of them were considered 'at risk' youth and Andre said that his valedictorian -- who plans to go to Med School -- gave a wonderful graduation speech in which she said something to the effect of 'We are still at risk, but now we are at risk of excellence.' It was very moving and a great change of pace from hearing about innocent dogs being tortured and murdered for profit and sport.

    David Robinson also opened his own school and Doug Flutie and Mia Hamm advocate for autism research and bone marrow transplants respectively.

    I thought it might be nice to keep an open thread to honor true role models who are also athletes and deserve to be acknowledged for both.

    Agassi returns to Open as athlete who gives back - - SI.com

    Andre Agassi walked back onto the Arthur Ashe Stadium court and bowed and blew kisses to the U.S. Open crowd.

    Then he gave a speech on education policy.

    His passion made Agassi beloved among the New York fans. Now that exuberance is devoted to his charter school in his hometown of Las Vegas, his emotion stoked by this year's inaugural graduating class all going to college.

    Agassi, Doug Flutie, Mia Hamm and David Robinson were honored as athletes who give back at opening night of the Open on Monday.

    The eight-time Grand Slam champion wouldn't send his own children to the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. That's because he can afford to send them to any school of his choosing - his goal is to serve the children whose families can't.

    "It's just too important to me that this school reaches those children, the ones that society has written off or are quickest to write off or that are just being assumed to not have a chance,'' Agassi said at a news conference after the ceremony.

    Agassi returned to the stadium for the first time since playing the final match of his professional career at the 2006 U.S. Open, his record 21st straight appearance at the tournament. When Agassi made his Flushing Meadows debut in 1986, it would have been hard to believe that the rebellious teenager would one day become an education philanthropist.
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    Re: Role Models and Great Athletes

    Great post!
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