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Thread: NHL Awards

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    Mine too.

    *loves the Ducks more*

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    But being blue is more work.
    Originally posted by Mosaik
    Speaking of JR, I know there aren't many fans of the Jim Rome show here... but I was listening to this morning's show on the drive to work and some guy from Toronto called in praising Marty as the ultimate MVP because he was able to put up with all of his personal shizz during the Stanley Cup Finals.

    He said JS didn't deserve the CS as much and even called him "JS Gi-Queer" - to which Jim Rome promptly responded by hanging up on the caller mid-sentence and going on a typical Rome rant. He chastised his listeners for being childish and reiterated that he would not ever allow such remarks on air.
    I listen to Rome when I can. He's often annoying, but just as often I think he hits the nail on the head.

    And I'm all for him hanging up on a guy that made a "Gi-Queer" comment. But I find it interesting that he hung up on the guy, considering he almost got his own a** kicked on TV some years ago for calling then Rams QB Jim Everett "Chris."

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    Actually... if you listen to the show then I can put it into context for you... the caller wanted a shot at a backdoor entry into the upcoming annual smackoff... so Romey let they guy's weak take go for a minute or two before he slammed him with the buzzer, right after the "Gi-Queer" comment...

    He actually has no problem telling guys to "sack up" and play like men, nor does he have a problem ridiculing athletes when they play like "scared little girls"... but he does not tolerate anti-gay or straight up sexist remarks.

    He had some classic takes last month when he was ragging on Vijay (re: Annika)... especially after he didn't show up for the tournament.

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