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Thread: Ever meet any NHLers?

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    When I lived in So California, a former Kings player lived next door to me. Steve someone, I have no idea of his last name. He played for only a couple of seasons not sure how long ago. I am not really a hockey fan hence the reason I have no idea who he is. He always seemed way too nice to be a hockey player. He lived there with his girlfriend who worked for the Kings. We would get free tickets occasionally. Thats the only NHL player I have met.

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    Those are both cool stories.

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    I met all the Red Wings in 2002 when my hockey team got to go to one of their practices, because our coach died in a fire. I have also seen other wings at variouse rinks that I play at. Umm...i went to a hockey camp with derian hatchers son but I didnt meet him. My brother played against Chirs Chelios's son and Doug Browns son but I wasnt there to meet them...thats about it. :rolleyes

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