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Thread: Should they fold the Montreal Expos?

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    I voted who cares -- I sort of wish the entire sport would go away as it goes far too long into the football season as it is.
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    Timing is everything. At this time last year, I would be inclined to say, yah, who cares. But now I have a different perspective, and a special empathy for The Expo's. Being a Minnesota Twins fan, we were in the same boat at the start of the season (the other team targeted for contraction), now look what happened.

    The one team with the lowest payroll makes it all the way to the ALCS. The league will be hard-pressed to push the contraction issue now in Minnesota.

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    Pkeeper, I can't agree more.

    Personally, I really wanted to see Minnesota take it all. It's nice to see talent win out over paycheques. The Expos, albeit struggling, are a pretty good organization. They are always cranking out quality teams that compete as best they can. The fan base is always struggling as you can't please the French, but it would be a shame to see them disappear and get swallowed up.

    I think it would help out MLB if the Yankees and Braves sat out a year.
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