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Thread: College Football 2007

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;2592258;
    Ashley, if you need a quarterback we'll send you this guy.
    I'm surprised nobody posted this yet.
    ONN, Ohio News Now - News - Ohio State Player Arrested For Soliciting
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    Re: College Football 2007

    There's a part of the story this article didn't mention.
    According to court records, Henton, 20, allegedly pulled his car alongside an undercover officer and offered her $20 for sex, 10TV News reported.
    When Henton was booked, he only had $19 on him.

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    Re: College Football 2007

    So he was going to stiff her in more ways than one?

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    Re: College Football 2007

    myrosiedog...are you OK??????

    My mom and my brother are Auburn fans so naturally they are cheering wildly....I told them one of my buddies at the FORT was not going to be a happy camper.....My S.O. is an Alabama fan so he's ticked off (about both his game he lost and Auburn winning!)

    Just wanted to send you a
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    Re: College Football 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2592462;
    So he was going to stiff her in more ways than one?
    I laughed so hard, I don't know if my pants will ever dry

    Another glorious day of college football. Too bad about Michigan and Penn State, though
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    Re: College Football 2007

    My husband and I were so freaked out watching the USC game, my husband said he felt nauseous and I had a tension headache! Yikes, it was one strange, awful game. Thank goodness USC didn't lose, they sure tried to!

    All the upsets?! What a week. I need a vacation from all the action. The only sure thing is, that it looks more and more that NO ONE will escape without a loss somewhere in the season, so things will eventually get back to where they were. Rest up , next week is the big LSU- Florida game!
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    Re: College Football 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;2592542;
    myrosiedog...are you OK??????

    My mom and my brother are Auburn fans so naturally they are cheering wildly....I told them one of my buddies at the FORT was not going to be a happy camper.....My S.O. is an Alabama fan so he's ticked off (about both his game he lost and Auburn winning!)

    Just wanted to send you a
    Yeah, I'm ok. Thank you for thinking about me. I've been a Florida fan for a long time, so we're used to taking the bad with the good. (have taken a LOT of bad over the years)

    I was SO disgusted that I went to bed at halftime. Then got back up and watched the 4th quarter. Was hoping for OT, but didn't happen. Oh well, "There's always next year". and the memories of last year will have to tide me over because honestly, I think our season is pretty much over. LSU is going to hammer us next week. I have NO illusions about that game. But as my husband said: the next two years shouild be pretty good ones as we have a young team that can only get better.

    That said, we HAVE GOT to get a handle on penalties (we lead the NCAA in penalties. Well, at least we're number one in something. ) and we need a pass-rush.

    As long as Unk wants to send players around, send us a defense. Please?

    And oh man, Brandon Cox was unstoppable last night. Just kinda amazed that Auburn lost 2 games this season with a quarterback like that. (which is why Florida needs a pass-rush)

    Yesterday wasn't a great day for quite a few teams. The top ten got stirred up a bit huh?
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    Re: College Football 2007

    9/30/07 Football Rankings End of Week 5/Beginning of Week 6

    AP Top 25
    1. LSU (33) 5-0 1,593
    2. USC (32) 4-0 1,591
    3. California 5-0 1,475
    4. Ohio State 5-0 1,420
    5. Wisconsin 5-0 1,271
    6. South Florida 4-0 1,203
    7. Boston College 5-0 1,172
    8. Kentucky 5-0 1,143
    9. Florida 4-1 1,031
    10. Oklahoma 4-1 992
    11. South Carolina 4-1 900
    12. Georgia 4-1 885
    13. West Virginia 4-1 861
    14. Oregon 4-1 837
    15. Virginia Tech 4-1 639
    16. Hawaii 5-0 586
    17. Missouri 4-0 561
    18. Arizona State 5-0 497
    19. Texas 4-1 449
    20. Cincinnati 5-0 377
    21. Rutgers 3-1 299
    22. Clemson 4-1 265
    23. Purdue 5-0 218
    24. Kansas State 3-1 214
    25. Nebraska 4-1 198
    Others Receiving Votes
    Florida State 101, Miami (FL) 83, Illinois 59, Auburn 52, UCLA 49, Texas A&M 29, Michigan State 16, Michigan 15, Connecticut 9, Alabama 6, Arkansas 5, Colorado 5, UCF 5, Penn State 4, Virginia 3, Kansas 3, Boise State 3, Washington 1.
    Dropped From Rankings
    Penn State 21, Alabama 22.

    USA Today Poll
    1. USC (45) 4-0 1,483
    2. LSU (14) 5-0 1,454
    3. California 5-0 1,363
    4. Ohio State (1) 5-0 1,313
    5. Wisconsin 5-0 1,251
    6. Boston College 5-0 1,138
    7. Florida 4-1 1,000
    8. Kentucky 5-0 971
    9. South Florida 4-0 960
    10. Oklahoma 4-1 925
    11. Georgia 4-1 758
    12. West Virginia 4-1 756
    13. Oregon 4-1 697
    14. Virginia Tech 4-1 661
    15. Hawaii 5-0 585
    16. Texas 4-1 573
    17. Missouri 4-0 532
    18. South Carolina 4-1 529
    19. Arizona State 5-0 466
    20. Purdue 5-0 423
    21. Rutgers 3-1 347
    22. Clemson 4-1 278
    23. Nebraska 4-1 261
    24. Cincinnati 5-0 249
    25. UCLA 4-1 79
    Others Receiving Votes
    Miami (FL) 68, Michigan State 63, Kansas 48, Florida State 46, Auburn 42, Kansas State 33, Boise State 25, Connecticut 23, Illinois 21, Tennessee 17, Virginia 15, PENNST 12, Texas A&M 10, Michigan 10, Alabama 5, Colorado 3, Georgia Tech 3, Indiana 1, UCF 1, Wake Forest 1, Wyoming 1.
    Dropped From Rankings
    Penn State 19, Michigan State 23, Alabama 24.

    ESPN - NCAA College Football Polls, College Football Rankings, NCAA Football Poll
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    Re: College Football 2007

    Taking the high road, which I know is completely out of character for a UofM fan.
    However, Ashley - I honestly feel really bad for Penn State, Joe Paterno and his team. I was hoping that Penn State would give a good run for the big ten title this year, and it doesn't appear to be in the cards.

    I watched the Michigan State Wisconsin game on Saturday night. I was rooting for MSU until that awful helmet to helmet hit. Fortunately the Wisconsin Badger was not seriously hurt, but the MSU players high fiving and celebrating that hit made me sick.

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    Re: College Football 2007

    Hate to jinx my team, but after all the upsets this weekend, the Buckeyes are sitting at #4. LSU has to play Florida. Cal and USC have to play each other.

    South Florida in the Top 10 (#6 in AP)? It's a nice story and they're a good team, but let's not get carried away. Guess someone from the Big East has to be in there, for the BCS' sake (since that Rutgers juggernaut - and media darling - lost).

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