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Thread: Superbowl XLI

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    Being how I'm not a big football fan anyway, I thought the game was boring. For what its worth, I was pulling for the Bears but glad that the Colts coach won since his son had committed suicide last year!

    I thought the halftime performance was absolutelyfreakingawesome!!!!!!! Oh yeah Maveno...me and you both in the Prince fan club! He is a unbelievable performer and I thought that was probably one of the best halftime performances I have ever seen! I was clapping my hands, waving my hands in the air like they did in the movie when he sang "Purple Rain".....my son thought I had lost it! He knows I am crazy for Prince!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo;2228803;
    This has nothing to do with the game, but with the coverage. The game is well over six hours away, but ESPN has already begun the pre-game show. Huh?
    ESPN's game day coverage normally begins at 11:30, so this was only half an hour early. It did, however, run an extra 90 minutes - today's show was 3 hours, for what is usually a 90 minute program.

    I was really disappointed in the first Revlon ad. It's my understanding that the net profit of the sales of Sheryl Crow's Not Fade Away single on iTunes are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund and the Revlon/UCLA Breast Cancer Research Program. I thought that there would be mention of that, but I didn't see it. In fact, the sale of the single on iTunes wasn't mentioned at all, just shown in not such prominent letters on the screen. Meh, I'd hoped for more.

    As for the game itself, it wasn't particularly well played, but that's not unusual for a Super Bowl, so no surprise there. Again, a social note though - regardless of my own belief system, I deplore prosletyzing. And it seemed to me that the post-game commentary from a number of people was tinged with it. Also, Jim Nance should never again be allowed to call a game when the Colts play, unless he's going to consistently call all players by their first names or all players by their last names. It irritates me no end that he often calls Peyton Manning 'Peyton', but never refers to other players by their given names. I know it's a small thing, but it really makes the game call sound as if it's Jim Nance's good buddy Peyton playing against all these other no-names, just unprofessional.

    Bah, I guess I'm just cold and crabby!
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    Congratulations to the Colts. Not my pick to win though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissThing;2229759;
    ESPN's game day coverage normally begins at 11:30, so this was only half an hour early.
    Yeah but usually the first games start 1 p.m. (Eastern).

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    My favorite Prince song was Rasberry Beret.

    I know there was a bit of discussion on this somewhere else, but the late night guys were having a hey day with Prince and his, um, interesting guitar profile.

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    I thought this was a great super bowl and I loved the halftime show.

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