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Thread: Ohio Lottery - SCORE!!

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    Ohio Lottery - SCORE!!

    Ok. not sure if this is a current event or Sports -
    but I think it was fun and interesting.

    Winning Ohio lottery number: 4239
    Numbers for Pick 4 game match winning score of Buckeyes-Wolverines

    CLEVELAND - Ohio State’s 42-39 victory over Michigan also was lucky for players of the Ohio Lottery.

    Shortly after Saturday’s game ended, the numbers 4-2-3-9 were drawn for the Pick 4 game.

    “You know it happens,” lottery spokeswoman Marie Kilbane said Sunday.

    Lottery spokeswoman Mardele Cohen said 401 $1 bets were made that picked 4-2-3-9 in order and each bet won $5,000. The odds of the numbers turning up in that combination were 10,000 to 1.

    Cohen said 913 $1 bets were placed on any combination of the winning numbers and paid $200 apiece.

    The lottery paid a total of $2.19 million in winnings. Players had wagered $347,867.50.

    Kilbane said it’s likely that most of the bets with the winning numbers were placed after the game ended, but she did not know how much money was wagered in that period. The football game finished at 7:13 p.m. and the drawing was at 7:45 p.m.

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    Thanks Schmoo2

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