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Thread: Hockey 2006

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    Joe Sakic scored his 600th goal tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShrinkingViolet;2243316;
    Joe Sakic scored his 600th goal tonight.
    Not many players reach that milestone.

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    Forsberg scores early for Predators in ticket sales

    I haven't talked to my nephew yet but I'm sure he's ecstatic about this. I did call a buddy of mine in Nashville and he was on the phone at the time inquiring about seasons tickets for the rest of the year.
    Staff Writer

    Peter Forsberg has yet to suit up for the Predators, but he's already a box office hit in Music City.

    A day after trading for the two-time Stanley Cup winner, the Predators sold about 3,500 tickets — including the final 300 for tonight's game against the Minnesota Wild and 1,000 to Monday's 5 p.m. game against the Phoenix Coyotes.

    Steve Violetta, executive vice president of business affairs for the Predators, said it was 3 times the number of tickets usually sold on a Friday before a Saturday game.

    "To move 1,000 tickets for a Monday 5 p.m. game on a Friday, that's all attributable to Forsberg," he said.

    Traffic at Gaylord Entertainment Center's ticket windows was "heavy all day," Violetta said,
    and sales were comparable to times when tickets first go on sale for regular season or playoff games.

    The total included about 100 season-ticket accounts — 13-game packages that come with playoff ticket purchasing priority.

    Violetta hopes the push continues tonight when Forsberg makes his Predators debut.

    Ticket windows will be open during the game.

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    The slumping Montreal Canadians are playing the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight. Go Habs go.

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    The Oilers finally got rid of Marc Andre Bergeron. Thank goodness. Although he has the potential to be a good offensive defenceman he makes so many boneheaded plays it's just painful to watch. I think the give away in the Leafs game last night that lead to another goal by the Leafs was the final straw for K-Lo and MacT.

    TSN : NHL - Canada's Sports Leader

    The Oilers sent defenceman Marc-Andre Bergeron and a third-round draft pick in 2008 to the New York Islanders in exchange for blue-liner Denis Grebeshkov.
    I hate to say it but I also think this means that the Oilers management is giving up on making the playoffs this year because they didn't get someone who can play this year for them. Oh well. Hopefully next year will be better. Just makes the loss to the Hurricanes last year and the whole Pronger thing that much more frustrating and painful.
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    The NHL trade deadline is February 27th at 3:00 PM EST. If you want to see some trade rumours. TSN : NHL - Canada's Sports Leader

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    Did anyone catch any of the NBA All Star weekend?
    It was so much more fun than the NHL week, imo.
    LeBron and Shaq had a danceoff
    Hockey needs a Shaq, they just don't seem to have anyone who is a larger than life personality.
    They need to market their best asset, the players and have made a good start with some of their commercials.
    The "Swedish Twins" one is fantastic.
    The NBA players just seemed to be having so much fun that they made me want to watch basketball, which I really don't enjoy.

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    They also made a commercial with the NHL All Stars. That was funny. I'm liking the commercials the NHL has been making.

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    That All Star one was great too.
    Joe Thornton nicking complimentary chocolates from the room maids trolley, Eric and Jordan Staal having a pillow fight, Ovechkin ordering a ton of room service and sending it to Crosby's room.
    I also recall Shanny and Souray (I think) throwing water balloons off the hotel roof and Ryan Miller and Luongo (?) bugging Marty Turco while he was having a doze.

    Speaking of Shanahan, I was watching the game where he collided with Knuble and ended up getting a concussion. There was a few very unplesant minutes when he was laying on the ice.
    I think Knuble might have come off worse, even though he left the ice on his feet as he has a fractured cheek bone and orbital bone and is scheduled to have surgery.

    The GM's are meeting in Florida again this week and I like to think that they're finding time to cook up some decent deals for trade deadline day.
    I heard on one tv show that they are debating abolishing the instigator rule among other things.
    I wish they or the NHLPA would at least raise the subject of making players do their helmets up properly.
    I don't think having your chin strap slung close to your Adam's apple looks particularly cool and I'm sure it renders your helmet fairly ineffective when you fall.
    Darcy Tucker wears his chin strap so loose that I've seen his helmet fly off from a check and it doesn't protect the back of his head if he falls on his back.

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    Huet out for regular season : Home : Sports : Sympatico / MSN

    Injured Montreal Canadiens goalie Cristobal Huet said Tuesday he does not expect to be back in the lineup before the end of the regular season.

    Habs forward Steve Begin will also be sidelined at least 10 days with a broken bone in his right foot.

    Huet underwent surgery on Sunday to repair a tear in his left hamstring suffered Feb. 14 against the New Jersey Devils. The French netminder said he hopes to be ready for the playoffs.

    Huet, 31, sports a 19-15-3 record this season with a 2.74 goals-against average and .918 save percentage.

    "We'll see how it goes in rehab," he said. "It's not easy obviously.

    "It's a crucial time for our team. I'd like to be out there helping our team but there's nothing I can do about it. Hopefully, we'll be in the playoffs and I can step on the ice then."

    Huet pulled his left hamstring when he fell awkwardly in his net after giving up a goal. He had to be helped off the ice and back to the locker-room with about seven minutes left in the second period.

    Huet said the injury is not as bad as originally feared because it is low on the hamstring.

    "The doctors didn't need to do much, just take fluids away and work on it a bit," he said. "That was good news for me.

    "It looked worse on the MRI."

    Halak to pick up slack

    With Huet out, the Canadiens called up Jaroslav Halak from the Hamilton Bulldogs, the club's American Hockey League affiliate, to the NHL for the first time last week.

    The native of Slovakia made his NHL debut Sunday by backstopping the Habs to a 3-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday.

    Begin was hit on the foot by a shot during Sunday's win against Columbus. He had the swollen foot in a brace and was walking with crutches Tuesday.

    Begin returned Feb. 10 after missing 27 games with a back injury.

    "It's a tough season," he said. "I was out for nine weeks, back for a few games and now out again for a few more weeks.

    "It's a broken bone. They will wait for the swelling to go down and take it from there."

    The Canadiens are also missing winger Alex Kovalev (sore elbow) and defenceman Craig Rivet, who has been battling pneumonia. Rivet is not expected to be back in action before Saturday.

    This isn't exactly what the Canadians need right now. I'm not sure Arbischer is number one goaler material.

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