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Thread: Help me name my fantasy football team

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    Help me name my fantasy football team

    Hey, I know there's some creative people on here, thought I might see if anyone has any input. I play in a fantasy football league -- a number of them, actually -- and I've had the same team name for quite a while. I've recently moved to a new neighborhood and things haven't gone great the last couple of years, so I'm looking to take advantage of the move to change the name in the hopes of reversing that poor fortune. Current name is the St. Louis Bad Mo' Fo's.

    Anyone got any ideas for clever team names? Need not be football related, just needs to be funny, interesting, or original. The team will be from "Fox Park," so if there can be a play off of that all the better, but I'd prefer something just outright funny regardless of whether the location is incorporated into it or not.


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    due to recent events.... the StL blackouts?

    *from 3 days of dark in St. Ann*
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    I think that's a great suggestion.

    Crappy circumstances, but a really good name.

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    I'd go with either

    The Starvin' Marvins

    T&P's UFs
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