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Thread: World Figure Skating Championships 2006

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    World Figure Skating Championships 2006

    The World Figure Skating Championships start today in Calgary. I believe all of the gold medal winners from the Olympics are skipping it. ESPN will broadcast later in the week, but CBC is broadcasting every day.

    3/23 7:30-11pm (Men's Short, Original Dance, Pairs Short, Men's Free)
    3/24 7:30-11pm (Ladies Short, Free Dance)
    3/25 5:30-9pm (Pairs Free, Ladies Free)
    3/26 4:30-5:30pm (Championship Performances)
    3/26 5:30-7:30pm (Exhibition)

    There are numerous rebroadcasts on both ESPN and ESPN2. Check your local listings.


    3/20 8-10pm (Men's Qualifying - Pairs Short)
    3/21 8-10pm (Dance Compulsary - Men's Short)
    3/22 8-10pm (Ladies Qualifying - Pairs Free)
    3/23 8-10pm (Ice Dance Original - Men's Free)
    3/24 8-10pm (Ladies Short - Ice Dance Free)
    3/25 3-6pm (Women's Free Skate - Live)
    3/26 8-10pm (Gala)

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    vejeer Are you in cowtown? If you are, I'm just north of you. In Oilerville.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Too bad all the big names aren't participating. I guess that means that Emmanuel Sandhu will be... . Gosh I wish he would win something! He so good off the ice. His time is definitely running out.

    I think I missed most of it. Anything exciting happen?
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    for Kimmie Meissner. I was thrilled to see her win, but I think Sasha has some serious thinking to do about her future.

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    Marleybone, I was happy for Kimmie too. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see her do such a flawless, risky program. This young girl continues to fly under the media's radar but I strongly believe that she's now the new face of Figure Skating in the USA. She's from my neck of the woods and is now a local celebrity in her town. They threw a huge parade for her after the Olympics so I can only imagine what they have planned now that she's the World Champion.

    I did feel bad for Sasha. With all of her main rivals out of the way you would think this would be her time to flourish. She just can't seem to put two flawless programs together and it's a shame because she's one of the most beautiful skaters I've ever seen. Her artistry is unmatched. Too bad she can't live up to her potential. I have to think that a lot of it is mental with her. It's almost as if she expects to fall or step out of her jumps during her performances. I often wonder if she's ever seen a sports psychologist.....As for her future, I was watching Pardon The Interruption on ESPN and Michael Wilbon mentioned, that she's considering acting but hasn't ruled out skating. Terry Gannon also commented on this during ESPN's skating coverage of the World Championships. She also said that the American press isn't always supportive of figure skaters and that the only time attention is paid to the sport is in an Olympic year and she doesn't think it's fair. She also said that too much attention is paid to the negatives, ie. skaters falling, etc. and not the fact that skaters competed and tried their best.
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