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Thread: Soccer for girls

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    Soccer for girls

    In Holland is soccer for girls not so populair. We have only 1 team for the girls. But last year my dad went to the US to teach soccercamp. Are there any girls who are playing soccer here? And how is it, because in Holland it is really a men sport.
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    Lisanne -
    Here in these United States, soccer is growing as a sport. Athletics have taken many twists and turns through the years, and soccer is gaining in popularity at great rates. I live in a community that did not have soccer 15 years ago. Several friends and I decided we wanted to introduce soccer to the youth of the community. We did research, and started a local club of the American Youth Soccer Organization, AYSO. Many believe this organization has lead to the introduction of soccer to those new to the sport. From this league, many kids move on to more advanced play, and hopefully, continue in school leagues, travel leagues, and college. Where I live, there are as many girls in soccer as there are boys. There are even teams made of boys and girls (co-ed). I have gone through training as a coach and an official, earning my FIFA referee certification, and was a center official for 4 years, and a high school varsity coach to a girls team for 3 years. So, to answer your question, yes there are MANY girls who play soccer here. Mia Ham, Brandy Chastain and the rest of the gold medal US Women's soccer team have brought great exposure and popularity to this awesome sport!!

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