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Thread: Winter Olympics Torino 2006

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    For those of you that are interested in the Canadian coverage but can't access it this might help.


    Another interesting note from the site, the Canadian womens hockey team play Italy today and are worried about running up the score as there is a "respect issue."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusicade View Post
    I hope that lone guy from Kenya wins a medal. (He's a cross-country skier)

    Bermuda, the Winter Powerhouse!

    That is my favorite part of the Olympics, seeing the "little guys" come compete and truly fulfill a dream. There are probably no sponsorships deals riding on their performance, and you get the sense that they are the true embodiment of the Olympic spirit. The larger nations have placed more glory on assmbleing teams to bring back the gold, than just than participating on the world stage of the greatest athletes in promotion of sportsmanship and peace.

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    Canada's FIRST GOLD goes to Jennifer Hiel WOO HOO!
    An Alberta girl to boot! Yee Haw! We were really rooting for her up here and she came through for us again! She's been skiing since she was 2 and just missed the medals in 2002. Loving it! Well deserved.

    SAUZE D'OULX, Italy (CP) -[B]SAUZE D'OULX, Italy (CP) - Freestyle skier Jennifer Heil has won Canada's first medal of the 2006 Winter Olympics - a gold.

    The 23-year-old native of Spruce Grove, Alta., finished first in the women's moguls Saturday with a total score of 26.50. Kari Traa of Norway was second with 25.65 points ahead of Sandra Laoura of France at 25.37. Kristi Richards of Summerland, B.C., finished seventh after scoring 23.30 while Audrey Robichaud of Val-Belair, Que., was eighth with 23.10 and Stephanie St. Pierre of Victoriaville, Que., scored 22.52 to finish 12th.

    Heil had the top score in the afternoon qualifying, meaning she was the last racer in the final. The scores from qualifying did not carry over into the final.

    It was the first time in Olympic history that the moguls final was held at night, under the lights. With loud music bouncing off the Alps, the event had the air of a rock concert. And there was plenty of support for Heil as Canadian flags waved in the 4,000-seat grandstand.

    The 20 finalists bounced down the 223-metre course, snaking through knee-deep moguls flipping, spinning or twisting off the two jumps.

    In a surprise, American Hannah Kearney, the 2005 world champion, failed to make the final.

    Born in Edmonton, her father had her skiing when she was two. She took the 2003 season off to rest her chronically inflamed shins, then returned with a vengeance to win the 2004 and 2005 World Cup overall mogul title.

    She just missed a medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, finishing a scant one-100th of a point behind bronze medal winner Tae Satoya of Japan. Then 18, she was the youngest member of Canada's Salt Lake team.

    The competition was held at the winter resort of Sportinia, about 83 kilometres from Turin in the upper Susa Valley. The recent mild weather left the course a white strip of man-made snow on an otherwise brown mountain.

    © The Canadian Press, 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by ntscforever View Post
    Hi my name is Davide, I am an italian chicago red sox fan but now I have a favour to ask u if possible.
    Chicago White Sox or Boston Red Sox.

    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood View Post
    All I am going to watch is the ice skating. The other stuff doesn't interest me.
    The speed skating is awesome (esp. the short track races). Give it a shot tomorrow and see if it doesn't interest you.

    I HATE the mogul skiing.

    NBC had a weird little segment on Robert Redford's take on Bode Miller today...apparently 'cause he (Redford) made "Downhill Racer" about 30 years ago. Huh? How is that/he relevant to the Olympics. It was a lame report. Tom Brokaw's mumbling didn't help any either...
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    I love and I mean LOVE the Winter Olympics. I hate the US coverage. Nothing makes me more homesick for England. But I will take what I can get. I hope I get to see some curling, as Brits can actually medal there, but I will watch it all.
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    I hope Kwan finally wins this year, she's the only one i'm looking forward to.
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    As of a few minutes ago, Michelle Kwan officially withdrew from the Olympic team It seems that she injured her groin again at practice today and the team doctor said it was serious. My heart just breaks for her. I really wanted to see a comeback and a gold medal for her this time. She really deserved it the last two Olympics. Now I don't care who wins the Ladies competition.

    The story is here: Link
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    I am extremely happy that Emily Hughes will hopefully have her spot back.
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    I am very saddened by this, happy for Emily but sad for Michelle. I think since Michelle was the reigning U.S. champion going into this year she deserved to be on the Olympic team, if she had been healthy and able to compete at Nationals Emily would most likely not have been in the top 3 anyway. That said, Michelle always said that she wouldn't take the spot on the team if she didn't feel she was 100% healthy and she did the right thing by withdrawing now. Hopefully Emily will not be stuck waiting too long for a flight out with the blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    And "Grandma Luge". Can't remember which country she is from, but she's 52 and is competing in her 6th Olympics I Think they said. Go Grandma!
    Go Grandma, for sure!!! They did a nice piece on Grandma Luge (Anne Abernathy) on the local NBC news yesterday, which sparked interest on my part to know more. Here's a snippet from a web site supporting her:

    "She already holds the record as the oldest woman to ever compete in the Winter Olympic Games. In Torino 2006 she will tie the record of participating in the most Winter Olympic Games. But perhaps more important, she will become the first woman in her 50's to ever compete in the Winter Olympic Games."


    QUESTION: Who in the world is this person they keep referring to as "Harry Potter"????? I heard it during the opening ceremonies and again last night when I was watching the skiers fly off that 15 story jump, but I saw NO ONE that resembled Harry Potter. Can someone give me a name or link so that I can read/learn more? Thanks-thanks-and thanks, again.
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