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Thread: Winter Olympics Torino 2006

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    Congrats to everyone!

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    It's taken me a couple days to get to this, but....

    I was so glad they chose Joey Cheek to carry the US flag in teh closing ceremonies. He exemplifies the ideal of an Olympic Hero.

    The interview with Bode Miller saying he just came to have the WHOLE Olympic experience including going out partying was what he came for, not to win medals. EXCUSE ME???? But as a country, we are sending you hoping you get medals. You represent us, please act like it.

    That said, Joey Cheek represented the US superbly, is the epitome of an Olympic Champion and a contributing member of society by donating his bonus'.

    Class wins out over idiotic behavior anyday.

    I'm glad Joey Cheek is an American. I'm not glad Bode Miller is or Chad Hedrick.
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    Sorry I got my facts wrong. Just too tired to type/think correctly.

    Yes, it's 2010. Which is just around the corner in olympic-planning-time. Vancouver is a great city at any time, but will, of course, be inundated with tourists during the Olympics. And yes, prime accommodations, tickets, et al, will be expensive. But it's a once in a lifetime experience. If you've got an inn at a friend or relative's, that's the way to go. I've already told a buddy of mine who lives on the island, he's got 4 years to find a friend with a great place on the mainland so we can crash it! I won't hold my breath.

    Remember, you Americanos get a great exchange on your $$$dollar$$$
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    Interesting article about Shani Davis and his mom in Sports Illustrated...
    Column by Rick Reilly

    One Tough Mother

    Uh, boss, just a little heads-up that you'll be hearing very soon from Cherie Davis, the mother of U.S. speedskater Shani Davis.

    She's probably going to be madder than Oral Roberts at a Hooters. She'll scream that I'm an ignorant racist. She'll want me fired, castrated and kicked off the company bowling team.

    I know this because no matter what anybody says or writes about Shani, America's 1,000-meter gold medalist, she flips. In fact, she flips more than a referee's coin.

    Her enemies list is just slightly longer than Nixon's. She has feuds going with Bonnie Blair (who admitted that she wouldn't mention Shani's name lest she incur Cherie's wrath), Bob Costas, Eric Heiden, NBCOlympics.com, SI, The New York Times's Selena Roberts and the Chicago Tribune's Philip Hersh, who, she says, has "a white supremacist's agenda."

    Never seen anything like it. Three-hundred-and-fifty-pound sportswriters run from her. The people from U.S. Speedskating go all Marcel Marceau when you bring her name up. Even Shani's girlfriend stays away from her. "She seems scared of me," Cherie says.

    Cherie screeched at NBCOlympics.com for not putting Shani's picture first on its Athletes to Watch page. Hersh once wrote the phrase "Black Saturday" in a story about Austrians skiing badly, and she told him he was racist.

    And what's all that rage cost her 23-year-old son? Millions of dollars.

    See, Shani should've been the feel-good story of the Turin Olympics -- the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal in the Winter Games. (In addition to his gold, he won a silver in the 1,500.) Instead, he came off as icier than Admiral Byrd's axe. And almost everybody blames his mom for it.

    "Of course they say that," she said. "Got to blame a black person."

    But you have all these feuds --

    "Yes! I told everybody, don't speak to him, don't talk about him, don't even look at him! All you can do for Shani is leave him alone. Just ... leave ... him ... alone."

    She charges that U.S. Speedskating (USS) conspired with Shani's teammate Chad Hedrick to "get" her son. "I told Shani coming in, 'They're going to find a way to get you. And it's going to be bad,'" she says.

    She has a valid beef with USS. Even though Shani never wanted to race the team pursuit in Turin, the federation signed him up anyway, "in case he wanted to change his mind," a USS official said. But when he didn't -- thus hurting Hedrick's shot at five golds -- it looked like Davis had flaked out at the last minute. Of course, Cherie's yearlong war with USS didn't help.

    Hedrick ripped Shani, Costas chided him, and hundreds of columnists around the country fricasseed him. "I get all these e-mails, people calling him names. Unpatriotic, selfish, n-----," she says.

    And when Shani finally won his gold, he gave NBC's reporter Melissa Stark sulking, curt replies until Stark finally had to ask, "Are you angry?"

    "Well, why should he be all warm to her?" Cherie says. "She's got some painted-on smile. She doesn't care about Shani! ... Why does his first moment have to be shared with that woman?"

    Shani did have a far warmer interview with Stark after he won the silver medal, but by then the damage was done, and Joe Corporate was running from the Davises like they were IRS auditors.

    "If we want to be poor, it's none of your business!" Cherie says. "We don't care about money anyway. Between us, we have one '89 [Ford] Escort. That's it.... So Shani won't be a hero, won't be on the Wheaties box. Shani is still going to be all right."

    Sometimes you wonder. There is footage in a Dutch documentary of her calling Shani a loser to his face. She doesn't deny it: "He's my son, I can call him a loser if I want. I thought it was funny."

    Ohhhh-kay. And what about this quote she gave the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bryan Burwell: "If it weren't for me, Shani would be selling drugs on the street."

    Shani doesn't deny that. "Some of my friends had big dreams that their parents didn't support, and they ended up [selling drugs]," he says. "My mom believed in me when nobody else would."

    It's funny that way about Cherie. She gives and she takes. He would've never made it to Turin without her, but once there, she was about as much help as chapped thighs.

    Does he sometimes wish she would just shut up?

    "Sometimes," he says. "But that's who she is. I love her. I'd rather be broke than change the way my mom is."

    Good thing.

    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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