Anyone get a listen in?

Aaron wasn't at all discriminatory in his targets on the clip run on the football lead-in show.

The president (actually looked like Bush the Elder to me)
The league commissioner
His employer (owner of the Saint's)
The Alamodome
His coach (?)

"I told 'em get the #&%@ off my field". That's what it sounded like he recalls telling the preident and league commissioner. Said it a couple of times for good measure, it appears.

He moans about the poor conditions they have to endure in San Antonio, poor baby. If only that cheap bastid owner would cut loose with some bucks; he's going to sell anyhow in Aaron's opinion, and there's little difference between walking away with 600 million and 598 million.

Asked at the end of the clip about his coach, Aaron says "I'll support him as long as I'm here".

Too true. " long as I'm here"

Once you start lambasting as you do in that interview, that period may not be of significant length.