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Thread: The BCS System v College Football playoff in 1A

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    The BCS System v College Football playoff in 1A

    You hear alot of reasons why College Football's 1A divison is the only one without a playoff system. Some say it extends the season which I say bull look at 1AA,Divison 2 and 3, they have 16 teams going to play-offs and they all end before January 4th, when the Rose Bowl is played. Then you have the fat cats who run the Bowls saying they will lose revenue if a play-off is implemented. I figured a scenerio that would make the fat cats happy and those who want a play-off. look at the following:

    1. Eliminate the extra game, most teams play a 1AA team but I am sorry I would rather see a 1st round 1A play-off game then Georgia drill Georgia Southern.

    2. You have 8 first round games, Make each game a Lower tier bowl such the Independence, Motor City, and etc.

    3. You have 4 Quarterfinal games this you have more prestigious bowls like the Cotton Bowl, Florida Citrus and so on.

    4. The semi-finals will be BCS bowls like Orange and Sugar Bowls

    5 The Championship will be the Rose

    Every year rotate the BCS bowls and in my opinion is the perfect way to satisfy everyone, 4 weeks of play-off football and the title decided on the field.

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    ^ sounds good in theory and i've heard it argued this way for years... however the knockdown is that say USC is the top seeded team- how many fans are willing or can afford to travel to Detrot for their 1st round game, Dallas for the quarterfinal game, Miami for the Semifinal game and LA for the Championship game...

    The sad truth is that the big money conference's commissioners have their cash cow set up the way the want it set up... each of the big 6 conferences are guaranteed one BCS team (and the subsequent double digit million payout) and approximately 5 or 6 teams guaranteed berths- each with additional big paydays...

    and do you think those jackass commissioners care if 99% of college football fans whine about the system- b/c when it comes down to it- fans will travel to the bowls and fans will tune into the games... and until there is a massive nationwide boycott of the current bowl system- we'll never get a playoff...

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    Your right it would take a massive boycott of the Bowl sponsors to get the cpmmissioners attention.

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