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Thread: NFL 2005

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    Nice disclaimer, Mav.

    I had heard Stevens' comments, but not Porter's. Classic gamesmanship. I didn't think Stevens' comment was out of line.. just the gentle banter that you'd get in a situation like this. Porter's reply reads as if it's meant back in a similar manner, so this might be fun.

    Nancy, You've got to come in and experience some of this.. if not just to erase some of the pain from your parking situation. I'm only spared that aggravation due to just being able to stay on 75 to Jefferson to my parking garage. No side roads needed so I know that I'm lucky. Come down to the Winter Blast... and see if the kids would want to try the NFL Experience at Cobo (you have boys, right?)

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    No Broadway I have girls. Girls that scream "isn't this over yet" any time the mention of the superbowl is made on the news or any other show.

    They didn't seem interested in anything to do with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    I had heard Stevens' comments, but not Porter's. Classic gamesmanship. I didn't think Stevens' comment was out of line.. just the gentle banter that you'd get in a situation like this.
    It was no big deal really. The reporters are dying for something, anything to try and get some sort of buzz going. There seems to be no hype this year, other than the 156486541534 stories about Bettis being from Detroit.

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    Yeah, it's all pretty mild stuff. Keep in mind Jerramy has been a bit of a screw up all through his college and pro football career. He hit the side of a senior citizen's center (or some such thing) with his car when he was in college. He and several champagne bottles also emerged from his car after he was on probation. He's an enormously talented guy and seems to have it together now, but we shall see. Joey Porter seems to be grasping for straws to get himself motivated for the game.

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    Mariner, did you see Rick Reilly's column in this week's Sports Illustrated? I thought about you when I read it a few minutes ago. Don't get too pissed when you read it. I can see SI losing some subscribers in Washington over this.

    Giving Seattle The Needle

    Okay, Seattle, grab a grande, skinny, no-foam, half-caf Espresso Macchiato and let me explain why the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to grind you up like a Sumatra blend in Super Bowl XL.

    You suck at sports.

    You always have. You make nice motherboards, but you're dweebier than Frasier Crane's wine club. You've had the big three pro sports for 30 years now -- almost 40 for the NBA -- and you have one lousy championship to show for it. Uno. The 1978 Seattle SuperSonics. My God, you people have fewer parades than Venice.

    What's amazing is, you do college sports even worse. In the 70 years that a mythical national championship has been awarded in college football, the University of Washington has one half of one title: in 1991 (with Miami). Zippo in basketball, baseball, track or field. O.K., the Huskies are good at crew (three women's titles, one men's). Wonderful. Somewhere, three salmon cheer.

    Your most famous athlete is a horse, Seattle Slew. Your most famous athletic moment was Bo Jackson's turning the Boz's chest into a welcome mat on Monday Night Football. Your greatest contribution to sports was the Wave, the fan-participation stunt that screams to the world, "We have no idea what the score is!"

    And do you know why you stink, Seattle? Because ...

    1. You're too damn nice.

    Look at your Seahawks. Your MVP halfback, Shaun Alexander, teaches kids chess. Your scariest player is named Pork Chop. My God, last week, you offered valet parking service to reporters at Seahawks headquarters. (Seattle fans: If you see valet parking at Detroit's Ford Field this week, they're trying to steal your car.)

    Nearly every five-dollar-steak-tough athlete who comes to Seattle leaves -- Gary Payton and Randy Johnson for instance. Consider Seattle's two favorite athletes -- Steve Largent and Fred Couples. Those guys wouldn't complain if somebody extinguished a Cohiba in their ears. Your sportswriters are more forgiving than Hillary Clinton. If they covered Jeffrey Dahmer, they'd refer to him as "a people person."

    You Seattle fans don't just accept mediocrity. You crave it. You support your boys come hell or low water. You show up at the rate of three million a year for the Mariners, who never fail to let you down. Even the stadium sounds cuddly: Safeco Field. You pack the house for the underachieving SuperSonics, led by the NBA's nicest loser, Ray Allen. Your Seahawks went 21 years without a playoff win, and the fans didn't so much as clear their throats. Everybody just goes, "Well, that was fun. Let's kayak!" Hey, you can't spell Seattle without settle.

    The whole town is 100% June Cleaver. I once walked into Nordstrom, the Seattle-based department store, and sheepishly asked if I could bring back a shirt I'd bought a month before in another town. The clerk said, "Sir, this is Nordstrom. You could wear it for 10 years, throw up on it and roll down a mountain in it and we'd take it back." Ask that at Neiman Marcus and they call security.

    It ain't happening. Walruses don't do triple Salchows, and Seattle teams don't win titles.

    2. You're too damn geeky.

    Your owner, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, looks like the kid in high school who always got taped to the goalposts. If Allen wins, will he call all his friends from band camp? Throw his slide rule into the air? Plot his joy on a scatter chart?

    Look, your average Seahawks fan drives a Prius. Your average Steelers fan drives a Ford Excursion, which has Priuses in its tire treads. Seahawks fans own poodles. Steelers fans eat them.

    3. You're too damn wet.

    Seattle is a great place if you happen to be mold. It just rained 27 straight days and it wasn't even a record. Seattle is basically a lot of guys waiting for a bus with rain starting to seep into their socks. Most kids are seven years old before they realize the umbrella is not an extension of the right arm. No wonder most great athletes leave. Ken Griffey Jr. left, basically saying, "I want my kid to be able to play outside once in a while."

    In short, you people are too damn peaceful and happy in your Emerald City. You ever know anybody from Pittsburgh? You want this Super Bowl. Pittsburgh needs it. You're going to get smoked like a platter of smelt.

    (But do you mind if we come live there?)

    Issue date: February 6, 2006

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    That's very Rick Reilly and there is some truth to it. I'd love to see him have to eat his words. Oh (and Pork Chop is not our most intimidating player). That would probably be Michael Boulware.

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    Wow..that's really mean. Honestly, if he was trying to sum it up in that last miniscule lil paragraph about "living in Emerald City" and being "peaceful and happy".. he fell short. Even if he's trying to be all "humorous" (or WHATever), that is just awful journalism. :nono

    eta:Glad you find it humorous though Mariner..since it is your home state.
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    You all have to understand we make fun of ourselves. As proof, I offer you a column by my favorite columnist, Jim Caple:

    An old friend called the other night to say she had overcome the considerable odds and had her name drawn to buy Super Bowl tickets. She was about as excited as any person could be over a trip to Detroit the first weekend of February and I felt very happy for her. She deserved those tickets. She is among the minority of devoted Seahawks fans who rooted for the team these past many years when no one else here in Seattle cared.

    Seattle used to be a Seahawks town but that was two decades ago before Ken Behring, the Boz, the near move to Los Angeles, 22 years between playoff wins, the rise of the Mariners and those awful blue-on-blue uniforms. Thanks to all that, the Seahawks essentially lost a generation of fans.

    That leaves a lot to catch up on.

    Many of us here are so unfamiliar with the current team we think Mack Strong is a way to order coffee at Starbucks. I'll have a 12-ounce vanilla latte with two pumps of caramel at 140 degrees ... and make it Mack Strong. Heck, I'm still wondering why I can't find any Seahawks souvenir T-shirts that say, "2005 AFC Champions."

    But hey, it takes a while to clear security when you're re-boarding the bandwagon. My friend Rod and I compiled the Top 10 Misconceptions People In Seattle Have About The Seahawks And The Super Bowl:

    10. The 12th Man is an actual position, and a Boeing employee from Lynnwood just made the All-Madden team.

    9. Detroit is an American League city, so that means Edgar can DH.

    8. Ex-Seattle running back Curt Warner won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams.

    7. Roethlisberger is a finely aged Whidbey Island cheese with a slightly nutty, piquant flavor, perfectly matched with a temperamental Columbia Valley pinot.

    6. Chuck Knox still coaches the Seahawks.

    5. Pro golfer Craig Stadler now coaches the Seahawks.

    4. We see Jim Zorn on the sidelines and wonder why he's not in uniform.

    3. Lofa Tatupu is the newest Pan-Asian bistro at Pike Place Market.

    2. The Bus is another Sound Transit proposal that will be voted down in the fall.

    And the No. 1 misconception Seattle fans have:

    1. We invented the Wave.

    I keep reading and hearing about how excited Seattle is for the Super Bowl, but the odd thing is, I never actually see this frenzy.

    Granted, I don't hang out in the usual Seahawk haunts and I can be rather clueless to my surroundings. And I know the fans are out there. I see them on the news and in the papers and my friends tell me about them. But when I was out and about the last couple days, I made a point of looking for fans displaying Seahawks gear and I saw virtually nothing. I think I saw one car flag on I-5 and I-90, though maybe I was too busy talking on the cell phone to notice.

    This is in sharp contrast to when I lived in Minnesota and Vikings fans excitedly filled the Twin Cities with so many replica jerseys, T-shirts and window flags it was if they all had been invited on one of those Lake Minnetonka Love Boat cruises. And that was just for exhibition games.

    There are a couple reasons for this lack of display. One is that my editor, KJ, has bought up the entire stock of Seahawks memorabilia (there's an office pool on how much he'll spend in Detroit this week -- my estimate is $800, not including tax).

    The other is that Seattle fans are too used to disappointments from our teams. Sure, we've had Husky football and many Rose Bowls wins, but even there, the lone national championship was shared with Miami. Meanwhile, the Seahawks nearly moved and went those two decades between playoff wins. The Sonics won the championship in 1979 but that was so long ago many fans don't remember it nearly as well as their infamous playoff meltdown to Denver and their loss to Chicago in the finals. And just when the Mariners finally got good, they lost Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez, then somehow failed to reach the World Series despite winning more games than any team in American League history. It tends to discourage you.

    On the other hand, we did have the Storm's WNBA 2004 championship.

    Seattle's reputation for rain is vastly overstated. New York City and most major cities east of the Mississippi average nearly as much or considerably more precipitation than Seattle. Want a great place to spend your summer? Visit Seattle where the average rainfall for most of July and August is about one inch.

    That said, it's rained a lot here lately. I mean a lot. Olympia, the state capital, set a record with 30-some consecutive days of measurable rain. Seattle was slightly drier -- our streak ended at 25 days. Nonetheless, it has rained here almost every day since the week before Christmas. We received nearly 12 inches of rain in January.

    In other words, this area could use a reason to celebrate. And if the Seahawks win Sunday, I'm sure I'll see and hear fans loud and clear, not just that day, but for months and years to come. The team will become the stuff of local legend, like Elvis at the Space Needle, the Beatles fishing on Puget Sound from their Seattle hotel room and Bill Gates watching "Star Trek: with Paul Allen.

    And if the Seahawks lose? Oh well, it's supposed to be a good episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

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    It's so nice to see that everyone is getting psyched for the game! Only two days to go and we either will be crying tears of joy or pain into out terrible towels!

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    That was hysterical, Unklescott! I'd think Seattlelites would be laughing the loudest. (I'd laugh at Mariner's post, too, but I don't know enough about football to understand it. )
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