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Thread: College Football 2005

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    Hook 'em Horns! What a game indeed!

    Now we wait and see if Reggie Bush comes to Houston.
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    What a great college football season, and Yes - great National Championship game!
    Congrats to the Texas Longhorns - what a fabulous way to cap off a season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo View Post
    gotta love Vince Young leading what? "based on an espn expert's poll"??

    i think when the real experts submit their votes, we'll once again see that household names win Heismans, and here in the southeast and in the northeast Vince Young is not a household name. Vince needs more TV time if he is to win it. Texas has been on TV once this season here. I'm a college football junkie and i've only seen a few highlights.

    i've been waiting to throw out my ROLL TIDE ROLL... #3, waiting in the wings... though without Prothro, the next 3 weeks (LSU, Auburn, and SEC Champ) may be an extremely large hurdle...
    Bet you've heard of Vince Young now. We're still celebrating here in Austin. What an amazing game and season. All he has to do is step onto a football field with a Texas uniform next season and he walks away with the Heisman as a consolation for this year. Too bad they don't vote on it until after the bowl games, he really showed up the USC heisman winners last night. Simply one of the greatest players to ever play College Football.

    And yes, that FSU tomahawk song got me the first time they played it, reminding me immediately how much I hated it the last FSU game I witnessed. Sends me into some sort of uncontrollable rage. Truly annoying sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie View Post
    I'm glad to see Texas won. I only wish it could have been a blow out. I'm so sick of hearing about how good USC is.
    I'm with ya gracie - but at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is who won the game. A big Nebraska CONGRATS to the Longhorns for a well fought victory. Vince Young is not only a great athlete but also a very classy guy. Up here in Husker Nation we are kind of hoping he goes to the NFL because we have to play Texas next year. I'll bet he could edge out Reggie Bush for the #1 pick if he went now which is good for a quick $26 million.

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    Our house is in mourning over the Rose Bowl. We were at the game and my 8 year old son was crying at the end. He just couldn't believe we lost. Props to Vince Young, they deserved the win. Michael Huff did a sort of e-mail column for the LA Times and his maturity and poise were really impressive. A class act. The Texas fans at the game couldn't have been nicer (the ones sitting behind us in the USC section anyway).

    I'll never forgive Reggie Bush for that STUPID lateral. He's been reading his own press too much. Felt bad for Matt though, coming back only to lose a heartbreaker. He had a great game the second half, but it got lost in the juggernaut that was Vince Young. Couldn't believe we didn't do a better job against him with a month to prepare.

    This year made me absolutely HATE ESPN. All that cr*p about USC being the best football team ever. That wasn't coming from USC's fans -we all knew that we weren't quite as good as even the '04 USC team. Texas definitely had all the motivation they needed against us, but I wouldn't be surprised if they got an extra little push from all the lopsided media coverage. Get ready Texas, now you will feel the stranglehold of the ESPN hype machine and you will become the new "team to hate".

    Looking forward to next year without all the pressure of the streak, fewer bandwagoners in the Coliseum, seeing which of the "kids" will break out from the pack on offense, and hopefully a healthy, more experienced defense.
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    Hook 'em Horns!! Just had to say that. In*Vince*able is going to the NFL, hope he does well. Hope he can carry on the "class" the Longhorn players have and not turn out like Ricky Williams did.

    BIG celebration at the Longhorn statium this Sunday. Can't wait to go and get our pictures taken in front of the tower with the big #1 lite up!!

    QuinntheEskimo...do you just not like the Longhorns or is it Vince Young?
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