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Thread: Dog beats most in swim from Alcatraz

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    Dog beats most in swim from Alcatraz


    As a triathlete, god help the dog that passes me in any swim race!

    SAN FRANCISCO - One of the swimmers in this weekend’s Alcatraz Invitational swim has dog paddled his way into the record book.

    Jake is a 65-pound golden retriever and the only non-human in the tenth annual 1.2 mile swim from the infamous prison island to the San Francisco shore. The four-year-old pooch swam across the cold, choppy water in just under 42 minutes, finishing 72nd out of the more than 500 swimmers. Organizers say it was the first known crossing by a dog.

    The crowd cheered as Jake made his way onto solid ground, shook himself and dodged a woman who tried to put a medal around his neck.

    Jake’s owner, Jeff Pokonosky, says the two swim four miles a week and bodysurf together. His training secret? Jake always gets scrambled eggs before a big swim.

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    great job Jake! I wonder what place his owner came in. If Jake stayed with him or took off after a catfish and finished sooner.

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    From this picture, it appears he swam next to his owner.

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    Well, if he swam next to his owner, that means he may have been able to place even better than he did. Maybe his owner was slowing him down. I just hope the dog enjoys that kind of work out. He's proven he's *capable* of doing it. I just hope he is also having a good time.
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