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Thread: Indy Racing and Danica Patrick: Who's Onboard?

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    Indy Racing and Danica Patrick: Who's Onboard?

    Yes, I fully admit to being on the Danica bandwagon. She is doing to Indy racing what Tiger did to golf. Last night I watched the race at Texas Motor Speedway and found myself really engrossed in it. It was no longer just racecars going around in circles, but more like a game of motorized chess. I'm hooked.

    Has anyone else found themselves rooting for Danica or at least becoming interested in Indy racing?
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    Gotta root for the girl driving for the hometown team. I drive by Rahal-Letterman racing every day going to work.

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    I've gone from being completely uninterested (I'm not really a racing fan, anyway) to being moderately interested. I hope she is able to have sustained success and win a few races and not just be a flash in the pan. In the meantime, keep those nearly-nude photo shoots coming, Danica!

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