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Thread: 49er Training Video 'Gone Wild'

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    Wow, all that time and energy spent doing something as easy as saying: *cue tough guy voice* "Don't be a moron and think before you speak to the media!" Done. Quick and painless. Problem solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo
    Personally, i think this is all kind of funny... what happened to the good ole day of practical jokes, and having a good time while playing a game?
    I think the "good ole days" are still alive and kicking. I'm sure every sports organization in the country, be it a high school baseball team or some professional franchise, has their practical jokes and their fun. Hell, even members of fantasy leagues (not ours, necessarily, but others I've been involved in) find ways of making fun of each other and injecting a little levity and humor into the whole thing.

    The thing about it, though, is that on smaller scales, there's no accountability because nobody gives a damn. An NFL franchise, on the other hand, is like a business more than anything else. It's a revenue-generating machine, replete with tax incentives and widespread public involvement and support. On that level, there can and should be consequences for racist, exploitative behavior.

    If this were your baseball team, for instance, Quinn, and you told me that you guys made a similar video, well, I'd think you had too much time on your hands. But mainly, I also wouldn't care, though I'd find it objectionable. With all due respect, your team is just a group of 30-something nobodies (I mean that in the sense that you're not public figures or professional atheletes, not in an insulting sort of way), and your actions as a team wouldn't hold any public interest. You guys don't hold any real influence over anyone. However, in a city like San Francisco which has both a very large Asian and gay population, of course this is going to cause waves. The implication that the groups being parodied should giggle and say "Boys will be boys!" is unrealistic. It doesn't reflect poorly on the public that they fail to find humor in this, it reflects poorly on the level of judgment possessed by the guy who made the video. Just bad business - BUSINESS - all around.

    As a society ,we've become to freaking sensitive... lets lighten up people... this was merely a joke- a parody- funny stuff...
    I can even partially agree with the first part of what you're saying. Political correctness can get out of hand and suck the humor out of any situation. But there's a definite line, and from what it sounds like, this crossed it. I don't know what kind of Asian slurs were being tossed around, but even the most mild of racial insults isn't cool. I'm not so naive to think that racism or homophobia or the exploitation of women is magically going to disappear anytime soon (or ever, most likely), but just because people don't choose to buy into it or support it when it's made public, that doesn't immediately equal oversensitivity. Funny is subjective, though, and if this is what makes you laugh, well, go nuts.

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    There is incredible irony in that his intent with the video was to show the guys how to stay out of trouble with the media

    Oh, and it had to have been Donahue, he has a big axe to grind with the Niners.
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    I guess the supposed intent of some of the scenes in the video was to show how ridiculous stereotypes are, rather than to perpetuate them. As I say, that was supposedly what they were trying to do.

    One could say that people are overreacting to this, but the problem is that the 49ers aren't just a bunch of guys getting together to play football and goof around. This is a business, and a business that has a prominent place in the city - and the country, for that matter. If any large, well-known company came out with a "diversity and media relations" training video like that, heads would roll. It doesn't matter that it was "for internal use only." You have to assume that anything you do like that will be seen by people outside your organization, so if it's something that would embarrass your company or get you fired, then maybe you shouldn't do it. It's also a mistake to assume that everyone in the organization is comfortable watching something like that. (Though I'm guessing most of the players thought it was funny.)

    One of the players said Dave Chappelle does stuff that's a lot worse than what is on the training video, so he doesn't see what the big deal is. There's a difference. Dave Chappelle is a comedian who is paid to do outrageous stuff, and the 49ers are a company that is supposed to follow fair hiring practices and is also supposed to represent the city of SF. Insulting people in a company-produced training video is a problem, regardless of whether the people who were insulted were supposed to see the video.

    This video would be a problem in any city, but in San Francisco - where political correctness rules with an iron fist - it's an absolute disaster.

    This just shows how far the 49ers have fallen.

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