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Thread: NBA

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    No surprise hearing of Cheeks being gone. Probably a relief to him.

    At the news conference (going on now) Blazer Pres Steve Patterson indicated that Paul Allen wants the very best coach available nationwide for next year. I am guessing they still want Flip Saunders, and that Allen's deep pockets can lure him to PDX.
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    I'm a Kings fan...so watching the Kings lately, I knew why Petrie did the trade for Webber. It was tough seeing Webber getting traded and I was shock and sad. But I understood why the trade happen. Since Webber have been back last season (2004), the offense have been more stagnant (if you watch enough Kings games, you would see it happen). Included with that, Webber is no longer the player he used to be, he's not going to get any younger and healthier, and his salary is only going to go up. I also believe Peja Stojakovic have a little something to do with this. The Kings have proven they can win games without Webber. If the Kings have kept Webber, he may re-injuried himself and we'll be stuck with a player who can't play again while getting paid a lot. Now that there's no more Webb and we have 3 roles players (Thomas, Williamson, Skinner), it's much easier if we want to do trades in the offseason if needed instead of Webb's big contract & health. I like the trade personally. I do not think we'll be a contender... but I'm happy with the direction. Peja, Bibby and Miller are still great players. Peja, IMO, have the potential to be a great & better player.

    As for Philly getting Webber. I hope to see Webber do well for them. I'm rooting for 76ers only because of Webber and Matt Barnes. (Barnes a great player and to be honest, I feel more bad for Barnes than for Webb when the trade happen. Barnes is a hometown product of Sacramento so it was hard to see him leave.) The only way Philly can use Webber is if Iverson share the ball more.... I keep hearing Webb's new teammates and 76ers fans saying they're glad to get a player who can go down low (or so hope). Webber's NOT a low post guy. He's good at it, but that's not his game. He likes to shoot Js more. I also hope Philly don't practice him too hard during off days. He needs to rest his knee. (Webb miss lots of practices AND some games with Kings cause of his knee too.) I saw Philly's upcoming schudule (sp) and it looks tough for Webber...lots of back to back games. Hopefully Coach O'brien knows how to utilize Webber well while getting him rest. Seeing these last 3 games that Webb had played is very dishearting for me. I think he's still sad/mad/confused about the trade (he didn't want to be traded) and he's also trying to fit the new system. I really hope Webber fits in well cause the last thing I want to see is the media talking up BS about him. He's a great guy and a great player... he don't deserve. Hang in there, Webber.

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    what's up FORT peeps?

    what's up with the Cavs? serious losing streak...

    I hope the T'wolves don't make the playoffs. I can't believe they have the same team as last year. :rolleyes

    As for the East, I think I'd rather see Philly in the playoffs over Indy. the Pacers are just too beat up right now.

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    Good old Philly fans expecting Cwebb to come in and immediately fit into a new system and play at the exact same level. Of course they never realized that he is averaging less minutes under O'Brien and is no longer the primary option that he was in Sacto because Iverson is. Cwebb is more effective when the offense runs through, but O'Brien focuses more on having players adjust to his darn system than effecitively utilizing his players' talents. I'd be fortunate if they even make the playoffs at this point.

    I don't feel any of my favorite players will win this season....again. Cwebb, heck no. Franchise, heck no. Steve Nash, maybe, but I'd place my money on San Antonio, Seattle, Miami, and Detroit over them.

    Cavs are losing so badly! Its horrible! The Bulls are right behind them now and I would not be shocked if we see a Bulls-Wizards Round 1 instead.

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    not that this matters:

    If my Bulls get to the 4 or 5 spot, then they'll be in the bracket where the winner will likely face Miami. So I'd rather see them just win the whole darn Central and get #2 and push Detroit in the other bracket, or stay in the #6 slot. I want to see them play as many playoff games as they can for development.

    As much as I really like this years team of Curry, Chandler, Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Duhon, and Nocioni (not in love with A. Davis), I just wonder how many of them will be around next year.

    season highs in points:
    Hinrich 34
    Gordon 31
    Deng 30
    Curry 26
    Piatkowski 24
    Nocioni 22
    Davis 20
    Harrington 20
    Chandler 17
    Duhon 15
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    Magic fire Coach Johnny Davis
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Johnny Davis was fired Thursday as coach of the Orlando Magic, who have lost six straight games and are on the verge of falling out of playoff contention.

    Assistant Chris Jent was named interim coach.

    Johnny Davis was 51-84 in his two seasons at Orlando.
    "We work in a bottom line business," general manager John Weisbrod said in a statement. "It is our responsibility to do everything possible to create the best opportunity for success."

    Davis was dismissed along with assistant coach Ron Ekker hours after Wednesday night's 110-102 road loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, dropping the Magic to 31-33 and leaving them tied with Philadelphia for the final Eastern Conference playoff spot. The team, in the middle of a West Coast road swing, plays Friday at Seattle.

    Davis told the Orlando Sentinel he was "surprised and disappointed" by the firing with just 18 games left in the season and the club still trying to make the playoffs.

    "It caught me completely off guard," Davis told the newspaper.

    Jent, who spent two seasons in the NBA and was a member of the 1994 champion Houston Rockets, became a Magic assistant this season and is a head coach for the first time. He was promoted over assistant Paul Westhead, who coached the Los Angeles Lakers to the 1980 title and later coached the Denver Nuggets.

    Davis was hired as coach on Nov. 17, 2003, replacing Doc Rivers when last season's team was 1-10 and on its way to losing 19 straight. Later in the season under Davis, the team lost 13 straight, including an NBA-record seven straight by at least 15 points and finished 21-61.

    In the offseason, the team traded All-Star forward Tracy McGrady to Houston. Orlando showed improvement before its recent slump.

    Davis, a low-key coach, seemed to lose control of his players. In Sunday's 98-82 home loss to New Jersey, the Magic received several technical fouls and scuffled with the Nets. Reserve guard DeShawn Stevenson booted the ball into the stands at the buzzer and forward Stacy Augmon squirted lotion on reporters in the locker room.

    Davis' overall record with the Magic was 51-84. He also coached Philadelphia in 1996-97, going 22-60 there.

    Orlando is the seventh team this season to make a coaching change, following Memphis, New York, Denver, the Lakers, Minnesota and Portland
    Not a major shocker here. Another vacant coaching position.

    Just not a good year for my favorite black athletes, Cwebb & Franchise, with the exception of Wade. But a superb year for my white guys, Nash, Nowitzki, and Sura.

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    Cavs fire Coach Silas
    CLEVELAND -- Paul Silas was fired as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday with his team fighting for a playoff spot after being in first place earlier in the year.

    Silas told The Associated Press he was called in Monday morning for a brief meeting with general manager Jim Paxson and new owner Dan Gilbert.

    "They released me," Silas said. "They didn't think the team was performing as well as it should be and they wanted to make a change."

    Despite having league superstar LeBron James, the Cavaliers have struggled since the All-Star break, losing nine of 12 and nine straight road games, including Sunday's 105-98 loss to Toronto when James scored a franchise-record 56.

    The team also fired Silas' son, assistant coach Stephen Silas. Assistant coach Brendan Malone will take over as interim head coach.

    According to league sources, the Cavaliers are interested in Cleveland native Flip Saunders as the possible successor to Silas, ESPN.com's Marc Stein reports. Since his firing in Minnesota, Saunders has said he plans to sit out the rest of this season, but his ties to the city and his lengthy experience coaching another star player out of high school -- Kevin Garnett -- have Cleveland's attention.

    Silas said he was not given a detailed explanation of why he was fired, but there have been issues over the last few weeks that have resulted in the Cavaliers' slide after they went into the All-Star break 30-21.

    It all may have culminated Sunday when Silas benched starting guard Jeff McInnis and replaced him with Eric Snow. Snow did not score in Cleveland's loss at Toronto and McInnis, despite dressed and available, didn't play.

    Earlier this season, Silas threw Snow off the bench after the two exchanged words during the first quarter of a game at Detroit, a move that stunned the team because of Snow's reputation as a leader.

    Last week, Silas was fined $10,000 by the team for a derogatory comment he made about Utah forward Carlos Boozer.

    Silas made the remark to reporters a day before Boozer was to return to Cleveland after leaving the Cavaliers as a free agent last summer. Boozer didn't travel with the Jazz because of a foot injury. Silas later apologized for the remark.

    Silas joined Cleveland in June 2003 after being fired by the New Orleans Hornets, who he led to the playoffs four straight times.

    The Cavaliers have called an afternoon news conference at Gund Arena.

    Silas and James made for a formidable duo last season, leading the Cavaliers to a 35-47 record last season -- an 18-game turnaround. He seemed to have the respect of his players, who played hard for him and were improving.

    However, in the offseason, the club lost Boozer after allowing him to become a free agent. It was the first sign of real trouble.

    The Cavaliers started this season strong, staying in first place for most of the first two months of the season -- they were 30-21 at the break. But injuries and inconsistency led to their recent slide.

    Silas was hired to be James' first professional coach and to mentor the 18-year-old star. James has soared from rookie of the year last season to All-Star this year, but the rest of the team has struggled.

    Never had that been more apparent than in Sunday's loss, the team's third straight. While James had a career day, becoming the youngest player in NBA history to score 50 or more points, the Cavaliers were miserable on defense and the reserves were outscored 34-1.

    In 16 NBA seasons as a player, Silas averaged 9.4 points and 9.9 rebounds in 1,254 career games. Twice selected as an All-Star, he won three NBA championships -- two with Boston and one with Seattle.

    As a coach, he has a record of 355-400 with the Clippers, Hornets and Cavaliers. His Hornets teams (both in Charlotte and New Orleans) went 13-16 the playoffs.
    All these coach changes are exciting, I wonder if Phil Jackson woudl consider coaching Lebron?!

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    i can't believe the Cavs fired Silas. What they should've done instead is fire GM Paxston. He drafted Diop and Wagner in the first rounds. Sure, Boozer was a steal in the second, but Paxston let him "verballY" agree to a contract and sign with Utah. The NBA coaching carousel continues...

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    SWEET!!! Duncan out a month with a busted ankle

    Mrs. Cweb, Cweb's FG% as of late is killing my roto FBL team!! I also have Hinrich, who is even worse.

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    Ping, thank gawd Franchise was only suspended 3 games. I had memories of Dennis Rodman getting suspended for 11 games! Well, I've given up in my league. Stuck at 4th, horrible luck this year with all my players, they either get suspended the whole season or are on the IL.

    I think I jinxed Tim Duncan. I've been very adamant that Spurs would get a ring this season, proclaiming that I'd vote for him as MVP every year, and that the Spurs are the dominant force in the West for a while.... I didn't do it.

    And the season I want the Lakers to make the playoffs they're not going to.

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