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Thread: MBNA 500 (Atlanta) Info

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    5,13,15,26,34 My team sucks, but I'm getting used to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    I think it's time to replace Jr. Looks like he's snakebit now.
    I beleive your right on that remark.

    4, 6, 9, 14, 33 i may hang on to the lead! but not sure i won it all.

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    I just got back yesterday from the Atlanta race. We were there from thursday night till Monday afternoon. I just got through sending my good buddy Unklescott a pm telling him about it. Instead of rewriting it all...I'm going to copy it for yall. Don't be mad, unk...It said:

    Hey there!!! We made it back all in one piece! I had a complete ball!!!! Was so much fun....right there in the infield, up on top of the RV for every race. I am plum wore out! I got sunburned too. Damn, it's a lot of work, loading the thing up, setting it up...and then when you come back unloading it again. WHEW! We got back Monday afternoon, I had to be back to work again this morning (tuesday).

    But as far as the race goes....It was great! Up until Jr. wrecked... . I said, "I'm done" and came down off the top of the RV. Even tho I am a Jr fan, when I came down and watched the TV...I have to admit I had a tear in my eye when JJ won, (with all the dead people from the plane crash on his roof).

    Saturday night was so much fun. We had an excellent spot in the infield...where everybody cruises. A lot of people dressed up in costumes and a lot of people had kids trick or treating. Also across from our spot was the broadcast booth for the local radio station 96 rock. It's classic radio...they were interviewing all the crazy people in the infield. I know a bunch of the DJ's from years before..they were giving my sister and I hugs... Party down!!!

    We watched the qualifying at night, it was way cool...then the next day the busch race and then the IROC race. I got a hat from the IROC race...looks just like the Crown Royal Blue bag that the CR comes in.

    All in all..we had a blast. Just wish Jr had done better.

    kitty-cats rule!

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    hey, glad you had a great time. just a shame jr didn't make it to the end.

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