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Thread: Hopkins vs De La Hoya - 09/18/2004

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    Hopkins vs De La Hoya - 09/18/2004

    Did anyone watch this fight over the weekend? Although De La Hoya is my favorite boxer of all time, he just didn't have the same power as Hopkins. Hopkins, even at age 39, is a straight thug and for the past decade, has lived up to his nickname, The Executioner. It was very sad to see De La Hoya get knocked out for the first time ever. Hell, I'd probably break several ribs if Hopkins unloaded a left hook to my body unexpectedly. It will be interesting if Hopkins is serious about fighting Roy Jones. I'm not sure what's next for De La Hoya.

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    That fight SUCKED!!

    Hopkins barely connected with that "knockout" blow.

    It was just an uninteresting, hardly any fighting, fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ping007
    I'm not sure what's next for De La Hoya.

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