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Thread: NHL: Senators file for bankruptcy

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    The Expos are playing 20+ games in Puerto Rico ??? I remember first seeing them at Jarry park .( long time ago when Dino's roamed the earth)
    Base ball isn't that bad when you are there, but a major snore watching on TV imho.
    I sincerely do not believe that the folks in Ottawa care or not whether the SENS are there. After 11 yrs ,they are the top of the pile and STILL can't sell out. It's a beautiful arena. They are just not hockey folk.The last game I was at ,when they came out on the ice, they were barely responded to by the crowd. When it was halfway through the last period and they were losing by only a goal, half the arena left. It's a shame.
    As I said before , they should go to a city that will support and appreciate them.
    *grumbles about Micheal Corels pink dog*

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    They definitely should go to a city who deserves them. But not an American city. I saw a thing on CBC last night about them, they went out and about Ottawa. Most of them said- this is right between Montreal and Toronto- everybody here is a fan of one or the other. And then someone said, they choked in the playoffs, so who cares.

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